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Flowers in a basket

flower baskets

When we want to express our respect, appreciation or love to a person, we often give fresh flowers. Such a sign of attention always causes positive emotions in the recipient. The classic version of flower design is ordinary bouquets that are suitable for different significant dates and just for every day. But there are events that are especially important - anniversaries, weddings, engagements, performances of your favorite actor or singer. These days, you really want to move away from stereotypes and give something special, for example, flowers in a basket.

How are bouquets of flowers in a basket created?

Creating a bouquet is a true art of floristry. But when the basket is involved, the process has its own specifics, it consists of the following steps:
  • The choice of material and shape of the basket.
  • Proper laying of the bottom with special materials that will guarantee the tightness, "water tightness" of the composition.
  • Fitting in size, placing a floristic sponge where the flowers in the basket will be installed. It serves as the frame of the bouquet.
  • Preparing plants - cutting stems, removing thorns, excess leaves.
  • Placement of flowers, according to the chosen composition.
  • Decorating, which allows you to place accents, give style and harmony to the composition.
  • Installation of additional elements, if it is provided by the order.

An important detail of the flower basket is the floristic sponge, which is also called an oasis or bioflora. It is made of a material that perfectly absorbs moisture and retains it for a long time. Bioflora contributes to the preservation of the shape of the bouquet, the necessary moisture inside. All that is required further from the recipient is to monitor the humidity of the environment, to replenish it.

Possible design options for the composition in the box

Modern flower baskets can be as diverse as the imagination of the customer and florist can go. The selection of the composition begins with the selection of the base, which can be made from natural or artificial materials. Willow twigs and birch bark are most often used, but wire and plastic options also look interesting.

Traditionally, baskets are round, oval or rectangular in shape, but other options are provided to allow you to make unique arrangements for various special occasions. Therefore, the foundations can be asymmetrical, in the form of a heart, a crescent.
Floristic sponges can also be varied in appearance, be spherical, cylindrical or conical. It depends on them how the bouquet will be located in the basket: in a circle, oval, triangle, in the form of a sickle, letters S or L.

The choice of colors for compositions is not limited. It can be roses with tall stems, snow-white callas, graceful gladioli or hydrangeas. But you can also choose miniature forget-me-nots, daisies or lilies of the valley, irises or eustoma. Options look great when several types of colors are mixed. Here the taste of the florist is especially important, his ability to combine.
In addition to flowers, greenery is placed; at the request of the customer, a variety of decor can be used. If the composition is conceived as a full-fledged gift, small items, such as perfumes or cosmetics, can fit into it. Also, bouquets of flowers in a basket are complemented with sweets, alcoholic drinks, jewelry or good costume jewelry, etc.

Florists must take into account who will be presented with a present. The shape of the bouquet, the type of plants, their colors, style depend on this. Ladies can choose any shades: from pastel to bright colors. In this case, one should focus on the temperament of the one to whom the basket of flowers is intended. For men, bright colors and a strict design style are better suited.

Why a basket of flowers is better than a classic bouquet

Flowers are always a nice gift. But when they are packed in a basket, it has its advantages. For example, mobility, ease of care, practicality, long-term preservation of appearance, freshness of plants.

A basket of flowers is easy to carry, transport, while protecting plants from external influences. The recipient does not need to think about placement, there is always a place for such a gift. Caring for plants is simple: you need to periodically moisten the floral sponge. This item allows the flowers to last for a long time, so the gift will delight for a long time. When their term comes to an end, the basket can be used further, at your discretion.

How to order a flower basket?

Ordering these flower arrangements is a popular service offered by the Srez online store. We carry out prompt delivery in Kyiv of original compositions created by our florists individually for you - your wishes, budget. You can order a basket of flowers and other services from us online from anywhere in the capital, the main thing is to describe in detail all the nuances of the future composition.

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