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Delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kiev

Bouquet of flowers

There is probably no woman in the world who would not love flowers. Moreover, each of them has its own taste: someone loves daisies, someone likes roses, and someone likes wild flowers. This should be taken into account when choosing them. If you want to buy bouquets of flowers, leave a request on the website of the Srez online store.

Variety of flower bouquets

The modern variety of flowers allows you to create the most non-standard, but at the same time, elegant bouquets. This became possible due to the variety of colors and varieties.
The catalog of the online store Srez presents bouquets from:
  • roses;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • chamomile;
  • hydrangeas;
  • lavender;
  • lilies;
  • field flowers.
When ordering bouquets of flowers, be sure to consider the preferences of the person to whom you plan to present them. This will improve the surprise effect, make it more enjoyable.

How to buy bouquets of flowers correctly?

When choosing flowers, it is important to consider a few points:
  1. for what purpose do you plan to give them;
  2. Who are you planning to present them to?
  3. what color preferences does this person have;
  4. the appearance of flowers;
  5. color value.
If you want to surprise your loved one for no particular reason, we recommend purchasing her favorite flowers. It can be one rose or a whole bunch of daisies. After all, the main task is to please your soul mate.
In order to congratulate her on a special date, it will take a little more. As a rule, medium or large bouquets are bought for this. But also take into account taste preferences.
For all cases, the rule is suitable: the flowers must be fresh. And if they seem a little “tired” to you, you should not buy them. This is the first sign that they will soon wither. It is better to create an arrangement of those flowers that have a pleasant and neat appearance. They will stand longer, and please your girlfriend, remind you of you and your feelings for her.
For romantic dates, it is best to buy white or red roses. After all, only they symbolize passion, love and purity of feelings. Of course, if your soul mate does not like other flowers.
Bouquet delivery is a great way to surprise your loved one. Especially if you do not have the opportunity to be with her on an important day for her. The main thing is to choose a trusted online store with delivery. Only in this way can you be sure of achieving your goal: a smile on the face of your beloved.

Bouquets to order: where to buy?

At the moment, the service of making bouquets to order or with home delivery is very popular. This is very convenient. But only on the condition that you turn to professionals in their field.
Srez online store specialists have vast experience. They are ready to tell you what kind of flowers to give your girlfriend for an anniversary, birthday or just because. Of course, taking into account all your wishes.
The main advantages of cooperation with us:
  • high quality flowers;
  • wide range of;
  • guarantees;
  • reliability;
  • efficiency;
  • individual approach.
Managers of the Srez online store will answer all your questions regarding flower varieties, their meanings, etc.
To order a bouquet of flowers, leave a request on the site. The manager will contact you to clarify the details of cooperation. You can also make a purchase by phone. Be sure to check the opening hours to speak with a specialist in person. Contacts are listed on the website.
The method of delivery depends on the wishes of the client, and the cost of services depends on the established tariffs of the transport company. The choice is yours.
Price aspect
Buying bouquets to order, everyone is interested in its cost. You can find out the exact amount payable only after studying the issue and careful calculations.
The cost includes:
  1. type of flowers;
  2. the number of flowers;
  3. the presence of additional decorative elements.
Ordering a bouquet with delivery will cost a little more than usual. Details are agreed over the phone. Contact an online retailer for more information.
Make a pleasant surprise for your soul mate. Order an original bouquet under the order on the website of the Srez online store.

101 pink rose
 101 pink rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
101 rose freedom 70 cm
101 red roses Ecuador 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
35 tulips
 35 white-red tulips 40 cm per pack..
41 spray roses
 41 multi-colored spray roses, ribbon 1m...
51 rose shangri-la
51 rose shangri - la satin ribbon 1.5mThe photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
51 roses memory lane
 51 roses memory lane 50 cm.packaging, ribbon 2m..
"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
101 tulip
 101 multicolored tulip 40 cm ribbon..
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm, Packaging..
Лидер продаж!
101 red roses
101 red roses
Rose red 50 cm 101 pcs., Satin ribbon 1.5m ..
101 white rose
101 white rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
11 colorful chrysanthemums
11 colorful chrysanthemums, pack..
11 roses memory lane
11 roses memory lane 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
15 mix of spray roses
15 multi-colored spray roses 50 cm, satin ribbon 1m...
15 multicolored tulips
Tulip multicolor 15 pcs. packaging..
15 red roses
15 red roses 50 cm, packing decor 2 heart..
15 white eustomas
Eustoma white 15 pcs. packing, satin ribbon 1m..
19 Dutch roses
Holland rose red 50 cm 19 pcs. packaging...
19 lisianthus
 19 white-purple lisianthus in pack. tape 1m...
19 peony roses
19 cream peony roses, packing, satin ribbon...
19 red roses
Rose red 50 cm. Packing..
19 red spray roses
 19 red spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
19 roses memory lane
19 roses memory lane 50 cm ribbon 1m..
19 white tulips
White tulip 19 pcs. packaging...
21 Holland rose
21 Holland rose 70 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 red roses 50 cm
21 red roses 60 cm, packaging...
21 red tulip
21 red tulip 40 cm with ribbon..
21 rose bombastic
21 spray roses bombastic 50 cm, packing material, satin ribbon 1m...
25 el toro 50 cm
25 red roses el toro 50 cm satin ribbon 1m...
25 multicolored tulips
Tulip multicolor 25 pcs. packaging..
25 peony roses
25 spray peony roses 50 cm. Eucalyptus 2 pcs. packaging..
25 red roses
25 red roses 50 cm. packaging...
25 red tulips
25 red tulips in black packaging..
25 red tulips in pack
25 red tulips 40 cm. in pack..
25 roses "Bombastic"
25 bush peony roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
25 white tulips per pack
25 white tulips per pack..
29 spray roses
29 crimson spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
29 roses memory lane
 29 roses memory lane 50 cm. Packing, ribbon 1m...
Лидер продаж!
3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack..
301 rose
35 colorful roses
Multi-colored rose 35pcs. tape..
35 cream roses with greenery
Cream rose 50 cm. Greenery, ribbon 2m...
35 irises with herbs per pack
Bouquet of 35 blue irises with herbs in a package...
35 multicolored tulips per pack
35 multicolored tulips per pack..
35 white Dutch roses
35 white Dutch roses 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
45 tulips
45 red tulips 40 cm, packing..
45 multicolored roses
Multi-colored rose 50 cm. 45 pcs. packaging..
45 purple tulips
45 purple tulips in pack..
45 tulips
45 yellow-violet tulips 40 cm, ribbon 2m...
49 white tulips
White tulip 49 pcs. craft packaging...
51 red and blue rose
51 Dutch red and blue rose ..
51 bush roses
 51 shrub roses Bombastic 50 cm...
7 lilies
7 lilies, ribbon 1m...
7 red roses with eucalyptus
7 red roses 50 cm., Eucalyptus 2 pcs., Packing, satin ribbon 1 m.The photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
9 white chrysanthemums
9 white chrysanthemums, package..
A bright surprise
Basket "your confessions"
Compound Rose 15 pcs Eucalyptus Basket Decor..
Blue sky
Hydrangea blue 3pcs. chrysanthemum tanacetum 15 pcs. alstroemeria white 2 pcs. greens, tape 1m...
Bouquet from Florist Oksana
White lily 3 pcs. rose pink 5 pcs. peony bush rose 7 pcs. chrysanthemum light green 3 pcs. eustoma white 3 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. p..
Bouquet of peony roses XL
Peony roses 60 m 17 pcs. eucalyptus decor..
Cherished dream
 Shrub rose mix 6 pcs. alstroemeria white 3 pcs. greens, packaging...
Color palette
Rose multicolor 31 pcs. multicolored bush rose 7 pcs. eustoma white 9 pcs. statice 5 pcs. greens 5 pcs. packaging...
Crimson sherbet
 Crimson bush rose 15 pcs. chrysanthemum green 3 pcs. eucalyptus, packaging..
Envelope #7
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Shrub rose red 4 pcs. chrysanthemum white 2 pcs. alstroemeria 3 pcs. greens, packaging..
flowering meadow
 3 gerberas, 2 spray roses, 2 chrysanthemums, greenery, packing..
3 roses, 1 chrysanthemum, 3 alstroemerias, 4 irises, greenery, packing...
Rose red 15 pcs. 1 meter, packing...
Rose pink, yellow, coral 17 pcs. bush rose crimson 11 pcs. pistachio 5 pcs. tape 2m...
Kaleidoscope of Flowers
chrysanthemum 4, statica 2, alstroemeria 2 eucalyptus, packaging..
Lucky case
gerbera colorful 9pcs. chrysanthemum green 4 pcs. greens, packaging..
Gerbera pink 1 pc. peach rose 5 pcs. white spray rose 2 pcs. alstroemeria white 3 pcs. eustoma pink 2 pcs. eucalyptus 2 pcs. packa..
Miss Charm
3 gerberas, 1 eustoma, 2 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums, 1 gypsophila, packing...
 9 red Holland roses 60 cm.Eucalyptus 2 pcs. tape 1m...
Pink Girl
Rose 7 bush rose 5 alstroemeria 1 hypericum 2 packs..
Pure heart
Shrub pink rose 6, chrysanthemum white 3, greenery, packing...
Quivering love
7 red roses, 5 white lilies, ribbon 1m...
Gypsophila mix..
Rose Freedom 25 pcs
Rose Ecuador 70 cm 25 pcs. tape 2m...
Spring feeling
Rose 3 pcs. Tulip 6 pcs. greens, packaging..
Summer day
Alstroemeria colorful 29 pcs. tape 1m...
19 orange roses white chrysanthemum 3 pcs. packaging..
The box is delicate
Roses 15 pcs Basket Decor..
Vivid emotions
Orange gerbera 5pcs. alstroemeria 5pcs. rose red 5 pcs. chrysanthemum green 5 pcs. greens, packaging...
Warm moments
Hr-ma white 4, green 3, bush rose 5, white and pink rose 5, greenery, packaging...
Сamomile field
Chrysanthemum white 51 pcs. Tanacetum 50 pcs. packaging..
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