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Gift grocery baskets delivery in Kiev

Gift baskets

If a person close to you has a holiday soon, you are probably already thinking about what gift to buy for him? Our online flower shop Srez offers you an inexpensive order for a gift basket with almost any content: with flowers, with food, with alcoholic drinks, toys, etc. Such a gift is universal: it can be chosen for both men and women. Choose the filling and delight your loved ones with pleasant gifts!

What are the filling of holiday gift baskets?

Probably, each of us agrees with the opinion that an ordinary bouquet of flowers, money in an envelope is a very banal gift that is unlikely to be remembered and certainly will not surprise anyone. Do you want your present not to leave the recipient indifferent? Then we recommend that you choose holiday baskets with products to order. They can be complemented with fresh flowers, jewelry, souvenirs, toys. The original packaging method plus a non-standard set of components is a guarantee that your present will definitely please your loved one.

Our online flower shop Srez can quickly and inexpensively collect a beautiful composition for you. Also here you can order its delivery in Kyiv or Ukraine. So that you can choose the best gift for you, on our website we have collected a large selection of different options for baskets that can be ordered for any holiday. Our master florists will assemble a gift set for you in a basket:
  • with sweets;
  • with toys;
  • with balloons, ribbons and other festive tinsel;
  • with fruits;
  • with alcoholic beverages: wine, whiskey, beer, champagne, etc.
Among such a large assortment of possible options, everyone will certainly be able to find exactly what suits him the most: for parents, girlfriend / boyfriend, girlfriend / friend, teacher, etc.

More types of baskets

In addition to filling, a basket of products for a gift may differ in the design itself. For example, it could be:
  1. In a flower box with a handle. This variation is ideal for a combination of flowers, sweets and fruits. Your lover will love it. The little princess will also be delighted with such a gift. Such a composition is stylish, seasoned and thought out to the smallest detail.
  2. In a wooden box or basket. Often customers ask to fill such a box with food and alcoholic beverages. They go well with sausage, cheese, meat delicacies. A few bars of dark chocolate will add piquancy.
  3. Gift basket with products and flowers. In the composition - exotic and seasonal fruits, sweets, flowers. If desired, you can make such a composition with alcohol.
  4. Sweets basket. This may include sweets, chocolates, Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs. This gift is just perfect for a child. But a girl or a woman will also be happy with him.
  5. Composition with French pastries - macarons. It can also be complemented by flowers and various decorations. Macarons are in perfect harmony with peonies, roses or bright assorted flowers.

What are the benefits of holiday gift baskets?

Collecting gifts in baskets with delicacies, flowers and other souvenirs is always a creative work. For its implementation, we choose only the freshest fruits, flowers, as well as the best varieties of cheeses, sausages. Aromatic tropical fruits: bananas, mangoes, coconuts, oranges, and also ripe apples, grapes, berries will fill your basket with an unsurpassed aroma. Adding floral notes will make the gift even more original and memorable. Note that this is not the only advantage that holiday gift baskets have. In addition, they:
  1. They look really luxurious and therefore can be suitable for almost any occasion: for an anniversary, for a wedding, for a birthday, for Valentine's Day, for Teacher's Day, for March 8, and just as a very pleasant surprise.
  2. They are not made according to a template, but according to an individual order. Our masters always listen to all the wishes of the client in order to create a unique and truly unforgettable gift that will please you or your loved one.
  3. Not only uplifting, but also beneficial for health. Fresh fruits are a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals that our body needs so much.
  4. Suitable for absolutely all people: for adults, and for children, and for mothers, and for fathers, grandparents, friends and girlfriends, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc. Turning to our online store, you can be sure that its specialists will help you choose the best set of components so that your gift will definitely be liked.
  5. They are often the most desired gift. Not always a person will order such a present for himself, but everyone wants to receive it himself from someone.
Delivery of gift baskets is convenient, profitable and beautiful. Try it and see for yourself!

Bouquet chili
jack daniels 0.5 chili pepper 35 pcs. decor..
Basket "Little Licorice"
Flower composition, grapes 1kg apples 1kg peach 1kg. Apricot 0.5 kg mango, wine import..
Basket "Lubimka"
Basket, rose red 3 pcs. white spray rose 2 pcs. greens. raffaello 150g. tape 1m...
Basket Kinder maxi
Kinder surprise 10 pcs. nutella 1 pc. basket 1 pcs Kinder Choco-Bons 125g. kinder chocolate 10 pcs. Kinder bueno 4 pcs. Satin ribb..
Box exotic
composition: Chivas Regal whiskey 0.5, Metaxa 0.5, sprats in a glass, Almette cheese - 2 pcs., olives in a glass, olives in a glas..
Flowers with a gift
box of mixed colors, sparkling drink (as a gift)..
Fruit basket № 2
 Basket, apples 1kg. tangerines 0.5 kg. pomegranate 1pc. grapes 0.6 g. chocolate bar 1 pc. Champagne 0.7..
Fruit basket №1
Basket, apples 1kg. oranges 1 kg. Grapes 600g. Rose yellow 3 pcs. bush rose, red, white 2pcs. eucalyptus 0.5 pcs...
Fruit basket №3
1 pineapple 2 mangoes apples 1 kg. tangerine 6 pcs. kiwi 4 pcs. grapes 500g. flower arrangement (the arrangement may differ from t..
Gift basket # 3
Medium basket, Chivas Regal 12 y.o. 0,5l. Ferrero Rocher 200g. Sweets truffle, cinnamon, hay, dried flowers, paper...
Gift basket #2
Sausage 1 pc. smoked sausages 300g. cucumber 3 pcs. mini pepper 5 pcs. tomato 3 pcs. green onion 100g. suluguni cheese 2 pcs. wood..
Gift basket № 1
Basket, Pineapple 1 pc. Apples 5pcs. Kiwi 5pcs. Banana 1kg. Grapes 1 kg. Whiskey Chivas Regal 12 yo 0.7, red rose 50 cm. 19 pcs...
Gift basket №4
Pepper 3 pcs. tomatoes 300g. green onion 100g. salami sausage 2 pcs. servlet sausage 1 pc. Krakow sausage 1 pc. sausages 300g. bag..
Golden basket
Ferrero 300g. Coffee, lindor candies, honey, nuts, popcorn in caramel..
Surprise your loved one
Beer 7 pcs snacks 6 pcs tapes..
Tropical rain
seasonal fruits weight 5kg..
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