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Gift delivery in Kiev

Gifts for flowers

Flowers are one of the best gifts for women. But, having chosen even the largest and most original bouquet, it may seem to you that you need an addition to it. What gifts to choose for flowers? Our gift and flower shop Srez can help you with this. In our catalog you will find a lot of interesting things that will please your loved one. In the Srez store you can order a gift at home in Kyiv and Ukraine. We can offer you soft toys, sweets, balloons of various shapes, sizes and colors, different compositions in baskets, and just flower vases. As practice shows, often a vase is not just an original, but also a very necessary gift.

Gifts for flowers: when and what to choose

If you are looking for a surprise for a girl or woman, then a beautiful bouquet can be supplemented with:

  • Decorations. Did you know that flower buds can easily replace a jewelry box?
  • Sweets. You can choose a large box of assorted chocolates, or be even more creative: our store offers gifts for flowers in baskets. These are real original compositions that will not leave anyone indifferent. The basket can contain chocolates, bars, chocolate eggs such as Kinder Surprise, Raffaello, etc.
  • Stuffed Toys. Probably, there is not a single girl who would refuse a beautiful teddy bear. It makes me want to cuddle and hug him!

A gift for flowers can be not only in the classic version, but also more original. For example, a bouquet can be supplemented:

  1. Creating a festive atmosphere. To do this, you can decorate the house or apartment of a person who has a holiday. You can also pre-order a banquet in a cafe, decorating the hall in it. To do this, you can use the helium balloons presented on our website.
  2. "Hidden" gifts. Do you think that just giving a gift is boring? Then we suggest you come up with a real entertainment program, during which the birthday girl will look for gifts in different places, for example, inside a balloon or a cake. An animator will help to translate such an idea into reality.
  3. Photoshoot. Taking a photo with a beautiful flower arrangement is definitely a good idea. Who can help make it a reality better than a professional photographer?
  4. Exclusive gift. Today, a huge number of ideas for making just such a presentation are offered. It can be a cup, a pillow, a magazine, a handbag with a photograph of a person. Such a gift should be ordered in advance, since it takes a certain time to make it.

Gift for a woman

If you need gift delivery for mature women, don't focus on their age. Together with flowers, they can be given all kinds of cosmetics: creams, gels, masks, etc. If you don’t know what kind of cosmetics a lady uses, give preference to a certificate in a beauty salon or a clothing or shoe store.

If a woman loves outdoor activities, you can give her a ride on an ATV, snowmobile, horse, etc. Another interesting addition to the bouquet is the organization of a picnic.

A flower arrangement is always positive emotions, but they can be multiplied if you add a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist or a performance in the theater to the flowers.

A photo book is another way to complement a bouquet of flowers. Choose the best photos of a woman in social networks and print a photo book from them.

If you need an original gift with delivery, welcome to our Srez store. With us you will certainly pick up something original that will definitely please your loved one!

Mozart-Кugeln sweets 200g.
"Kiev Vecherniy" Candy Gift Box
"Kiev Vecherniy" Candy Gift Box 176gr..
17 multi-colored balls
Лидер продаж!
Latex helium balloon with helium 1pc..
Лидер продаж!
balloon heart
balloon heart
Latex balloon with helium in the shape of a heart 1pc...
Basket Kinder 20 pcs.
Basket Kinder maxi
Kinder surprise 10 pcs. nutella 1 pc. basket 1 pcs Kinder Choco-Bons 125g. kinder chocolate 10 pcs. Kinder bueno 4 pcs. Satin ribb..
Bear 1,6m
Bear 1m.
Лидер продаж!
Bouquet of vegetables
Bouquet of vegetables
Candy Ferrero Rocher 200g
Ferrero Rocher 100 g
Foil balloon heart
Foil balloon with helium in the shape of a heart 1 pc...
Kinder mini box
 Box, Kinder 10 pcs. Kinder Country chocolate 3pcs. Kinder Chocolate 4 pcs...
Merci sweets
Merci sweets 250g...
Raffaello 150g.
Roshen assorted sweets
Chocolate candies Roshen Assortment Elegant 145g..
Truffle sweets 150g.
Vase 26sm.(  the vase may differ from the image on the site) ..
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