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Bouquet replacement

Possible in the following cases:
  • the resulting bouquet is stale, the buds are omitted;
  • the composition of the composition is 50% or more modified, the colors used have not been agreed upon.
Within 20 hours after receiving an inappropriate gift, fill out a feedback form or complaint. Attach supporting photos to the description. Also contact the manager so that the store representative resolves the situation faster. When the courier brings the updated composition, be sure to return the inappropriate product, even if the bouquet has withered, deteriorated and lost its presentable appearance.

The probability of encountering the described problem is minimal. But the company takes into account the human factor, traffic jams and other factors that can provoke an unpleasant situation.

Return of goods with a full refund

Reasons for return with subsequent compensation:
  1. the flowers are wilted, look stale;
  2. the composition consists of colors that are not agreed with the customer.

If the customer filed a claim within 20 hours after delivery, the return is carried out according to the following protocol:
  1. The customer draws up a complaint with a photo and sends it to the company's mail.
  2. The ordered bouquet is returned by the courier, regardless of the state of the composition.
  3. If force majeure is approved, payment will be refunded within 5 working days.

Payment of compensation

Srez.com.ua returns payment in such cases:
  • the order was not delivered due to the fault of the courier or manager;
  • the recipient refused to accept the present, when calling before delivery;
  • the customer accidentally paid for the bouquet twice.
Money is returned in the same way as it was paid when paying (to a card, current account).
To resolve any issues, contact the company's managers by phone, email or Viber.