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Flower delivery in Kiev
The power of roses is limitless. This has been proven thousands of times already. With their help, you can give joy, get forgiveness from a loved one, create a romantic atmosphere, invite you on a date or just say goodbye. Similar results can be achieved due to the elegance, delicate smell of flowers. If you want to please your beloved and present her with an original bouquet of roses, take a look at the website of the Srez online store.

Bouquets of roses: white and red

The saturation of the color palette of unsurpassed colors makes it possible to create original armfuls for a particular person. But it is also worth considering their language. After all, each color emphasizes something special. Playing with the palette of the bouquet, you can talk about your feelings, about your attitude to a person without further ado.

Bouquets of roses of a snow-white hue will tell you about purity, sincerity of intentions, about charm, the most real and tender feelings. Such a gift is presented, as a rule, to a modest girl who is busy with all the thoughts of a guy.

Roses of the red palette always speak of:
  • fiery love;
  • strong feelings;
  • firm intentions to win the heart.
Thus, a bouquet of white roses is given at the beginning of a romantic relationship, while red ones are more suitable for more serious intentions.

The combination of red and white roses will tell you that they want to say graceful compliments to you, to tell you about their feelings. When your boyfriend surprises you like this, it indicates his strength, but at the same time, his sensitivity towards you. Every girl dreams of this.

It doesn't take much to tell your soul mate how you feel. Let the flowers speak for you. The main thing is to choose the right color and variety. They will do everything else for you. And, it will be remembered for a long time. And the girl, for her part, will be able to understand how dear you are to her.

We give a beautiful bouquet of roses on a special occasion and without it

Do not look for a reason to make your loved one happy. However, it is better to present such a symbolic bouquet on a special day to make it unforgettable.

An ideal occasion for a “talking” bouquet can be the anniversary of your relationship. Such an innocent surprise will allow you to focus on the most important thing: your love for a woman who has not changed over the years. Understanding the importance of your beloved for you depends on how competently you approach the issue of choice.

February 14th is Valentine's Day. This is another holiday that is filled with flowers, congratulations to each other, and a pleasant pastime. The bouquet will be a great addition to a gift or just a gesture of attention.

On March 8, every girl is waiting to be congratulated. Even those who always say otherwise. If you don't know how to approach a girl who seems unavailable, start with flowers. They will help you smooth out all the awkwardness, tune in to a relaxed atmosphere of communication.

Do not forget that roses are a symbol of love. A lot is possible with their help. Moreover, this can be done not only in relation to your beloved, but also mothers, grandmothers, sisters.

If your family loves flowers, be sure to please them. Do it just like that, for no reason. Such a presentation will emphasize how dear they are to you.

Choosing the right flowers

A professional florist always knows how important it is to consider all the qualities of a flower when buying it:
  1. freshness;
  2. grade;
  3. color.
Almost everything depends on how fresh the flower is: feelings, atmosphere, smile of your beloved. You should not buy those that are already a little "tired". Especially if you plan to give it away in a couple of hours. Always prioritize freshness. So the flower will last longer, bringing more pleasure and joy.

As for varieties, there are quite a few of them. And only a few of the men know which one is worth giving to their beloved. It would be wrong to think that a woman will be happy with any flower. Especially if you have serious intentions. Work hard to find out what she likes. And then you can definitely win her heart.

It is also worth taking seriously the issue of choosing a rose shop: only professional ones, such as Srez, can provide you with quality bouquets.

The above qualities are reflected in the cost of flowers. Therefore, we recommend that you always compare these criteria. At the moment, roses are considered a very expensive gift. They are usually given either one or a whole bunch. Experts recommend that you always calculate your desires in advance along with financial capabilities.

It is not enough just to buy chic bouquets of roses and thus please your soul mate. Choose them wisely, and get a doubly positive result.

Where to buy a rose or a whole bouquet?

To order roses, you should choose a reliable seller. Specialists of the Srez online store offer their customers original high-quality bouquets at an affordable price.

When working with us, each client receives:
  • efficiency;
  • maximum reliability;
  • guarantees;
  • a wide range of.
When buying a bouquet, experts will provide you with recommendations on how to save a bouquet of roses. They have vast experience in this area. They will also help you create an original and sophisticated surprise for your loved one.

Price policy
Having decided to buy a rose, everyone is interested in its value. The average price of a bouquet is 250 UAH. True, there are different options:
  • S - small;
  • M – medium;
  • L - large;
  • XL - huge.
The final cost of the bouquet depends on the composition and number of flowers, design and use of decorative elements. Contact the specialists of the Srez online store for accurate calculations. Give your loved one an unforgettable gift.

Лидер продаж!
19 red roses in the box
19 red roses in the box
101 pink rose
 101 pink rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
101 rose freedom 70 cm
101 red roses Ecuador 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
35 roses in a basket
 35 white roses in a basket, eucalyptus 2pcs...
35 red roses in box
 35 red roses in a white box 20 * 20..
41 spray roses
 41 multi-colored spray roses, ribbon 1m...
45 white roses in a box
 45 white roses in a box 25 * 20..
51 heart-shaped roses
 51 heart-shaped roses with greenery in the oasis...
51 rose shangri-la
51 rose shangri - la satin ribbon 1.5mThe photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
51 roses memory lane
 51 roses memory lane 50 cm.packaging, ribbon 2m..
55 roses in the shape of a heart
Rose red 55 pcs. oasis, form, greens...
"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm, Packaging..
101 multi-colored rose
101 multi-colored rose 50sm. package..
101 red rose in a box
Rose red 101 pcs. white box M, red ribbon..
Лидер продаж!
101 red roses
101 red roses
Rose red 50 cm 101 pcs., Satin ribbon 1.5m ..
101 red roses + Raffaello as a gift
Red rose 50 cm. 101 pcs. packaging + Raffaello candies...
101 red roses in a basket
Red rose 101 pcs. oasis, big basket...
101 roses + bear 1m.
101 red roses 50cm. ribbon, bear 1m...
101 white rose
101 white rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
101 white-red roses in a box
 101 white-red roses in a box 35 * 25..
Лидер продаж!
11 roses in a box
11 roses in a box
11 pink roses, oasis, box 18 * 18, greenery..
11 roses memory lane
11 roses memory lane 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
11 white Holland roses 70 cm
11 white Holland roses 70 cm..
15 bombastic in a box
15 spray peony roses in a box 18 * 18..
15 heart-shaped roses
15 red roses, oasis, heart-shaped box, satin ribbon 1m...
15 mix of spray roses
15 multi-colored spray roses 50 cm, satin ribbon 1m...
15 red roses
15 red roses 50 cm, packing decor 2 heart..
19 Dutch roses
Holland rose red 50 cm 19 pcs. packaging...
19 peony roses
19 cream peony roses, packing, satin ribbon...
19 red roses
Rose red 50 cm. Packing..
19 red spray roses
 19 red spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
19 roses in a black box
19 red roses, greenery, black box...
19 roses memory lane
19 roses memory lane 50 cm ribbon 1m..
201 rose in a basket
Rose pink 201 pcs. oasis, the basket is large...
21 Holland rose
21 Holland rose 70 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 red roses 50 cm
21 red roses 60 cm, packaging...
21 rose bombastic
21 spray roses bombastic 50 cm, packing material, satin ribbon 1m...
25 roses in a box
25 red roses in a box 18 * 18, greens..
25 el toro 50 cm
25 red roses el toro 50 cm satin ribbon 1m...
25 peony roses
25 spray peony roses 50 cm. Eucalyptus 2 pcs. packaging..
25 red roses
25 red roses 50 cm. packaging...
25 roses "Bombastic"
25 bush peony roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
25 roses in the snow
25 red roses in a box 20 * 20 gypsophila 1..
29 spray roses
29 crimson spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
29 roses memory lane
 29 roses memory lane 50 cm. Packing, ribbon 1m...
301 rose
35 roses in a box
35 red roses in a black box 20 * 20..
35 colorful roses
Multi-colored rose 35pcs. tape..
35 cream roses with greenery
Cream rose 50 cm. Greenery, ribbon 2m...
35 white Dutch roses
35 white Dutch roses 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
45 heart shaped roses
45 white red roses in a box..
45 multicolored roses
Multi-colored rose 50 cm. 45 pcs. packaging..
45 roses in a box
45 multicolored roses in a box 25 * 20..
501 roses in a basket
Red rose 50 cm. 501 pcs. greens 40 pcs. oasis, big basket..
51 red and blue rose
51 Dutch red and blue rose ..
51 bush roses
 51 shrub roses Bombastic 50 cm...
7 red roses with eucalyptus
7 red roses 50 cm., Eucalyptus 2 pcs., Packing, satin ribbon 1 m.The photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
A box of 9 peony roses
A box of 9 peony roses
Basket with roses "Heart"
Basket, roses 125 pcs. decor...
Bouquet of peony roses XL
Peony roses 60 m 17 pcs. eucalyptus decor..
Box "Hypnosis"
101 roses Box Decor..
Bright mix
Wooden box, multicolored rose 15 pcs. greens, eucalyptus...
Bright roses
27 roses greenery box..
Rose red, white 47 pcs. oasis, heart box, ribbon...
Crimson sherbet
 Crimson bush rose 15 pcs. chrysanthemum green 3 pcs. eucalyptus, packaging..
Rose red 15 pcs. 1 meter, packing...
Gift basket № 1
Basket, Pineapple 1 pc. Apples 5pcs. Kiwi 5pcs. Banana 1kg. Grapes 1 kg. Whiskey Chivas Regal 12 yo 0.7, red rose 50 cm. 19 pcs...
Rose pink, yellow, coral 17 pcs. bush rose crimson 11 pcs. pistachio 5 pcs. tape 2m...
 9 red Holland roses 60 cm.Eucalyptus 2 pcs. tape 1m...
Pink Girl
Rose 7 bush rose 5 alstroemeria 1 hypericum 2 packs..
Rose Freedom 25 pcs
Rose Ecuador 70 cm 25 pcs. tape 2m...
Rose in a box
21 pink spray roses in a box 20*20..
Snow White
13 white roses, 7 white eustomas, 2 eucalyptus, basket...
 Raspberry rose 9 pcs. rose peony bush cream 12 pcs. box 18 * 18..
19 orange roses white chrysanthemum 3 pcs. packaging..
Sweet heart
 Red rose 13, Ferrero candies 16pcs. orchid pink 1, box heart 25 * 10..
Sweet heart raffaello
Rose red 13 pcs. raffaello 150g. heart box 25 * 10..
The basket is delicate
Roses 15 pc Basket Decor..
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