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Delivery of flowers in a box in Kyev

Flowers in a box

Life is not only weekdays, but also various holidays that make it more pleasant. We love to celebrate personal dates, memorable events, church or state holidays, to do something nice for friends, relatives and colleagues. One of the win-win options on how to make a cute gift is to buy flowers in a box. This modern trend is becoming more and more popular, because a flower ensemble in a hatbox is not only beautiful, but also practical and convenient.

Flowers in boxes - the advantages of compositions

For a long time, it was customary for us to give classic bouquets of fresh flowers. This tradition continues to this day, but along with it, more original options have become in demand - flowers in boxes. This trend was invented by the British, from them it successfully spread to the whole world. This is a great example of practical floristry, which combines showiness and convenience, style and modernity.

A bouquet in a box has undeniable advantages:
  1. Practicality and mobility. If an ordinary flower arrangement can lose its shape, especially during long-term transportation, then flower bouquets in a box are reliably protected from any external influences. Therefore, the one to whom they are intended will receive them in their original version, made by a florist. After the flowers have served their time, the box can be used for other purposes. It is perfect for storing cosmetics, jewelry and other small items.
  2. The ability to create multifaceted compositions, there is room for a flight of fancy. Bouquets in boxes may contain, in addition to flowers and decor, other elements, gifts. For example, soft toys, sweets.
  3. Versatility. Such floral solutions are suitable for different occasions: from a love confession to congratulations from the boss. They can be both an addition to the main gift, and a direct present.
  4. Ease of care, long-term preservation of living material. Flowers cannot exist without nutrient moisture, which makes it necessary to put them in vases filled with water. The box eliminates the need for another container. Inside there is a special impregnated sponge that holds the composition and nourishes it. The only thing you need to do is periodically moisten the sponge.
  5. Original, unbanal appearance. The design of such a composition allows you to create truly masterpieces of floral art, which become an alternative to classic bouquets.

Variation of bouquets

To understand why flowers began to be placed in boxes, you need to remember the times when ladies wore magnificent hats. For their safety, beautiful boxes tied with ribbons were used. Such an original bouquet of roses was once given to his beloved by the famous playwright Bernard Shaw.
Modern gifts in a hat box, along with flowers, can include a wide variety of elements:
  • tapes;
  • cameo;
  • fresh berries;
  • sweets;
  • alcoholic drinks;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • small gifts.
For example, for a girl, you can attach a cute teddy bear to flowers or perfume that she has long dreamed of. And if the gift is intended for a man, miniature bottles of cognac or whiskey will do.

Different types of flowers look equally good in the box: from noble roses and strict carnations to lush chrysanthemums and cute daisies. There are several universal styles for decorating a box with flowers: business, Provence, American, shabby chic.

Minimalism is inherent in the business style, there are no bright colors, artsy decor. Provence is everything that resembles a French village. Its distinctive features are noticeable in the palette of colors - delicate pastel colors of pink, lilac, purple are chosen. If the American style is used, then the box must contain some inscriptions related to the celebration. Shabby chic is characterized by the presence of many decorations, such a gift should be bright, memorable.

Delivery of flowers in boxes from the company Srez

If you are inspired by the atmosphere created by flower arrangements in boxes, you are attracted by this modern trend, we suggest ordering bouquets in the Srez online store. We always have only the best, fresh plants at reasonable prices. Delivery of flowers in boxes is carried out in Kyiv as quickly as possible, if necessary, we carry out urgent orders.
Depending on your preferences and budget, we will offer you the best gift option. It can be a small box with compactly arranged flowers or a chic bouquet with additional elements. Choose the color scheme, the desired style of composition and plants, place an order online. Our talented florists are ready to help you create an individually desired bouquet for you.

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19 red roses in the box
19 red roses in the box
35 red roses in box
 35 red roses in a white box 20 * 20..
45 white roses in a box
 45 white roses in a box 25 * 20..
55 roses in the shape of a heart
Rose red 55 pcs. oasis, form, greens...
"Bright smile" box
Box 1 hydrangea 1 orchid 4, spray rose 5, eustoma 1, eucalyptus, hypericum 2, tulip/rose 3pcs..
101 red rose in a box
Rose red 101 pcs. white box M, red ribbon..
101 white lilac tulip
Tulip white, lilac 101 pcs. box 40 * 30 oasis..
101 white-red roses in a box
 101 white-red roses in a box 35 * 25..
Лидер продаж!
11 roses in a box
11 roses in a box
11 pink roses, oasis, box 18 * 18, greenery..
15 bombastic in a box
15 spray peony roses in a box 18 * 18..
15 heart-shaped roses
15 red roses, oasis, heart-shaped box, satin ribbon 1m...
19 roses in a black box
19 red roses, greenery, black box...
25 roses in a box
25 red roses in a box 18 * 18, greens..
25 tulips in a box
25 white-lilac tulips in a box 18 * 18..
25 tulips in a box
25 orange tulips in a box 18 * 18..
25 tulips in a box
25 multicolored tulips in a box 18 * 18..
25 roses in the snow
25 red roses in a box 20 * 20 gypsophila 1..
35 roses in a box
35 red roses in a black box 20 * 20..
45 heart shaped roses
45 white red roses in a box..
45 roses in a box
45 multicolored roses in a box 25 * 20..
7 lilies in a box
7 lilies in a gift box 25*20..
75 tulips in a box
Pink peony tulip 75 pcs. Oasis, box 30 * 30, tape...
Lily 6 pcs bush rose 7 pcs greenery, oasis, floristic material..
Bag with flowers
mix flowers..
Bag with flowers #1
Bag with flowers #2
Bag with flowers #3
Barbie bag
Mix flowers..
Blue Lagoon Box
Hydrangea 1, carnation 4, chrysanthemum 1, lavender 1, eustoma 1, greens 1, bush rose 1, box...
Box "Glitter"
Hydrangea 1, carnation 5, chrysanthemum 1, bush rose 1, lavender 1, eucalyptus, greenery, box...
Box "Hypnosis"
101 roses Box Decor..
Box with flowers and wine №1
Mix of flowers in pink lilac tones, macaroon cookies 7 pcs. Foreign wine 0.7l. box..
Bright mix
Wooden box, multicolored rose 15 pcs. greens, eucalyptus...
Bright roses
27 roses greenery box..
Bright sun
Orange, yellow bush rose 21 pcs. eustoma lilac 4 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. oasis, box 20 * 20..
Rose red, white 47 pcs. oasis, heart box, ribbon...
 Rose white, pink 15 pcs. pink carnation 3 pcs. hydrangea blue i 1 pc. white spray rose 3 pcs. eustoma lilac 3 pcs. alstroeme..
Envelope #6
Envelope #7
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Flower tower
Flowers with a gift
box of mixed colors, sparkling drink (as a gift)..
 Iris 7pcs. chrysanthemum pink 2 pcs. alstroemeria white 2 pcs. eustoma white 2 pcs. pistachio, box 18 * 18..
Heart pink
Rose  3 pcs. Rose bombastic 5 pcs. eustoma pink 1 pc. hypericum pink 2 pcs. eucalyptus 0.5 pcs. heart-shaped box size M..
Humble smile
Rose pink 5 pcs. iris blue 11 pcs. chrysanthemum white 3 pcs. alstroemeria pink 3 pcs. ruscus, box 18 * 18..
Macaroon box
Rectangular box, macaroon 5 pcs. rose pink 5 pcs. rose bombastic cream 4 pcs. alstroemeria 5 pcs. greenery, oasis...
Pink silk
 Round box white 20 * 20, pink eustoma 5 pcs. bush rose, cream, pink 9 pcs. greenery, oasis...
 Rose yellow 7 pcs. pink spray rose 3 pcs. eustoma white + lilac 7 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. box 20 * 20..
Gypsophila mix..
 Raspberry rose 9pcs. bush rose pink 4 pcs. eustoma pink 3 pcs. eucalyptus 0.5 pcs. box 20 * 20..
Rose in a box
21 pink spray roses in a box 20*20..
Set "Romance"
Rose 3, Bush rose 5, carnation 5, santina 1, eucalyptus, box, rafaello 150g..
Shining smile
Rose white 3 pcs. bush rose, cream, pink 4 pcs. pink carnation 3 pcs. alstroemeria white 3 pcs. white stalion 2 pcs. pistachio 2 p..
 Raspberry rose 9 pcs. rose peony bush cream 12 pcs. box 18 * 18..
Sweet heart
 Red rose 13, Ferrero candies 16pcs. orchid pink 1, box heart 25 * 10..
Sweet heart raffaello
Rose red 13 pcs. raffaello 150g. heart box 25 * 10..
Tender feelings
 Rose pink 6 pcs. pink spray roses 1 pc. pink carnation 5 pcs. chrysanthemum belya 1 pc. chrysanthemum green 1 pc. greens, ma..
Tender look
7 white roses, 2 white chrysanthemums, 2 eustomas, pistachio greens..
The box is delicate
Roses 15 pcs Basket Decor..
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