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No matter who or how many of the sellers tell and no matter how they praise their product - you will not be fooled. Therefore, trust your feelings and visual perception.

The second important point is the elasticity of the flower. It is not necessary to squeeze the flower with all your might, it is enough to lightly touch it, and, preferably, the lower part, so as not to cause mechanical injury.

Some flowers, especially in summer, have a scent. And the fresher they are, the brighter they smell.

Pay attention to the correct shape. Although nature is playful and can make adjustments to this figure.

The rose should have a whole set of petals. So it will please you longer. Irresponsible sellers like to pluck the outer petals so that the flower has a marketable appearance.

Leaves - with an even green color, without signs of rot. Not yellowed, not dry, without brown spots.

The stem should be odorless and with a fresh cut, have an elastic structure. And if you take the tip of the stem, the flower should not bend.

Fresh flowers are not always placed in ready-made bouquets, so it is better if the bouquet is formed in your presence.

The main thing is to choose flowers and give them with love).

Buy flowers in our store. It is a 100% guarantee of quality and freshness.