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35 roses in a basket
 35 white roses in a basket, eucalyptus 2pcs...
45 white roses in a box
 45 white roses in a box 25 * 20..
"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm, Packaging..
101 white rose
101 white rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
101 white-red roses in a box
 101 white-red roses in a box 35 * 25..
11 white Holland roses 70 cm
11 white Holland roses 70 cm..
35 white Dutch roses
35 white Dutch roses 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
45 heart shaped roses
45 white red roses in a box..
Rose red, white 47 pcs. oasis, heart box, ribbon...
Snow White
13 white roses, 7 white eustomas, 2 eucalyptus, basket...
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Bouquets of white roses

Inexpensive and with delivery in Kyiv and all over Ukraine, we offer you to order a bouquet of white roses from our online flower shop Srez. The presented range is sure to please you. You can order from us a small bouquet of white Dutch roses, and a huge bouquet of 101 roses. Our florists will lovingly assemble any bouquet for you - in a flower package or in a gift box. We can offer you a round box or a heart-shaped box. This option will certainly tell the recipient about your feelings.

What does a bouquet of white roses mean

A rose is always the perfect gift. If you are in doubt what to give as a gift, opt for flowers. They are suitable for everyone: mother, girlfriend, daughter, wife, grandmother, sister, bride, etc. With the help of roses, you can convey a wide range of feelings. But what exactly does the white bouquet mean? Let's figure it out together.

Look at the bouquet of white roses. It seems that he is the most gentle of all possible. And that's the way it is. In ancient Greek times, it was considered a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In ancient Rome, the white rose was associated with dignity and honor. In the Middle Ages, knights often reigned over their ladies of the heart with just such flowers, because they symbolized deep and sincere feelings.

Nowadays, a bouquet with white roses symbolizes love, lasting for eternity, deep feelings, devotion, fidelity and admiration for beauty.

When can I give a bouquet of white roses

Perhaps you think that a flower arrangement of white roses can only mean romantic feelings? Actually it is not. This bouquet is more versatile. It can be donated:

  1. for engagement or marriage;
  2. for a birthday, in particular for an anniversary;
  3. on International Women's Day;
  4. on a wedding anniversary;
  5. to the celebration;
  6. on a romantic date.

And, of course, such a gift can be presented without a reason at all - your chosen one will certainly appreciate it. Such a surprise is another way to remind you of your feelings.

In our online store you can buy a flower arrangement, which consists of white and red roses. Such a bouquet symbolizes eternal love and unbridled passion.

How many roses are in the bouquet

Does it matter how many flowers are in the bouquet? Yes.

  • 5 pieces. - appropriate for any situation;
  • 7 pcs. expresses gratitude (usually such a composition is presented to the teacher as gratitude for science);
  • 9 pcs. - symbolizes apology and remorse for the deed;
  • 15 pcs. - respect (such a bouquet is most often given to a mother or grandmother);
  • 19 pcs. - bridal bouquet;
  • 25 pcs. - Ideal for engagement.

When can white roses be considered inappropriate?

You should not buy a bouquet of white roses for:

  • unfamiliar people or official persons;
  • elderly people, because in some cultures this color symbolizes mourning;
  • men (they may simply be offended by such a bouquet, since it is easy to consider it too tender).

In other cases, you can safely buy white roses. Contact our florists in the Srez store - they will make for you a beautiful bouquet that everyone will surely like.