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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Lilac roses.

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Lilac roses

If you want to give a person an unusual present, we suggest choosing a bouquet of lilac roses. It will certainly be remembered and will delight the one to whom you are going to give it. Where can you find these flowers? Together with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine, you can order them in our online flower shop Srez. We offer only fresh flowers that will delight you and your loved ones for a long time.

Florists of our store with love and care will assemble for you a flower arrangement from the number of flowers you need. They can be complemented by satin ribbons, greenery, gift paper, flower boxes. In a word, we can choose not only the varieties and number of flowers, but also the way they are designed. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the best option.

What are and how did lilac roses appear?

It seems that the lilac color is not natural for rose gardens? It's true. In order for them to please people, the breeders had to work hard. To obtain just such a color, they bred hybrids based on the same gene that Pansies has.

In order for bouquets of lilac roses to be lilac, they should also be grown correctly. It is about choosing the best place for growing. It should be a place that gets into the shade in the afternoon.

Today you can buy lilac roses of different varieties. This includes both scrubs and hybrid tea. The feature that unites such flowers is the color of the bud. By the way, lilac roses can also be called blue, purple.


Lilac roses today are presented in different varieties:

  1. "Blue Nile". This is a hybrid tea plant. Its height is about 1 m. The bud itself is large. Most often, one bud appears on the stem, but in some cases three roses may appear. The opened flower smells good. When the bud fully opens, its color becomes lighter.
  2. Blue rhapsody. This is a scrub rose, the height of which can reach 1 m. The inflorescence is lush, and in the middle of the flower there are yellow stamens. When the bud just begins to bloom, it is first saturated purple, then it brightens to gray-lilac. The final color may also depend on weather conditions.
  3. Cardinal de Richelieu. This bush is quite tall. It blooms for about a month. The flower itself is very fragrant, medium in size. In one inflorescence, most often there are three flowers, but there may be one.
  4. Novalis. The bush of this variety is very lush. Its height is about 80 cm. Flowering is possible two or three times per season. The bud itself is large and lush. Flowers are collected in inflorescences. There can be several inflorescences on one branch. It has a beautiful pale lilac color.
  5. Orion. This is one of the most compact bushes. Its height is only 30 cm. But, nevertheless, there are many lilac roses on it.

When to Buy Lilac Roses

It seems that lilac roses are special. When is the best time to give them? This would be appropriate:

  1. At the beginning of an acquaintance. They are best suited for first dates, when voicing your feelings very loudly, perhaps also indecent, but still you want to show some sign of attention. The delicate color of the bud is associated with purity and sincerity in intentions.
  2. As a token of a gift for the boss or business partners. Since lilac flowers are not too bright, this choice is ideal for a present to a companion or leader.
  3. On the day of the wedding. The bride is purity and tenderness in feelings. Lilac flowers, as well as possible, will suit a snow-white dress and emphasize the sophistication and elegance of the bride's image.
  4. Creative people. Lilac is one of the mysterious colors. It is this bouquet that will certainly appeal to extravagant and creative people.

The Srez online store gives you the opportunity to choose a pink bouquet for any occasion.