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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Cream roses.

"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
19 peony roses
19 cream peony roses, packing, satin ribbon...
35 cream roses with greenery
Cream rose 50 cm. Greenery, ribbon 2m...
Bouquet of peony roses XL
Peony roses 60 m 17 pcs. eucalyptus decor..
Pink Girl
Rose 7 bush rose 5 alstroemeria 1 hypericum 2 packs..
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Cream roses

Our world is full of all sorts of miracles that can please and cheer up. And one of these miracles is cream-colored roses. When you look at them, it seems that they have collected all the tenderness in themselves and are ready to give it to you. With delivery in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, it is profitable to buy cream roses and original compositions from them in our online flower shop Srez. Among the presented assortment of flowers, you will certainly find exactly those that will please both you and the person to whom you want to give them.

How Cream Roses Came to Be

The original and such a delicate cream color of roses did not appear by itself. Breeders had to work for a long time on his appearance. To get the right shade, they crossed white and pink roses for a long time. The result was new variants of the rose bush with different color saturation. Chinese scientists managed to bring out beautiful cream roses that cheer us up with their beauty and surprise us with warmth and elegance.

At first, breeding hybrid roses was a rather difficult task, which made their price too high several centuries ago. Compositions of such flowers were affordable only for rich people - aristocrats and the royal family. Today, the situation has changed radically and anyone can order a beautiful bouquet of cream roses.

What do cream roses mean?

The cream color of roses symbolizes a sense of dignity and fidelity. He is also credited with charm. If you want to express your respect, friendship, bright emotions, then a cream bouquet of roses is perfect.

If blue roses are also added to the cream composition, it will mean a creative beginning. Therefore, such a composition is the best option for a gift in honor of creative or professional achievements.

If you feel the desire to take care and show your attention to the girl, you are fascinated by her beauty and tenderness, you can also give her a bouquet of cream-colored roses. It is suitable as an expression of reverent feelings at the very beginning of a relationship, and after a long acquaintance or on a wedding anniversary.

If your feelings are fiery and passionate, tell your soul mate about your desires with a flower arrangement that combines cream and red buds. By adding exquisite orchids to cream flowers, you can talk about your love, tenderness that overwhelms you, and dreams of a joint future.

A classic floral arrangement of nude roses is a great gift for a teacher. Such a bouquet is also suitable for parents. Light flowers will well express a sense of respect for a person and other subtle nuances: respect, a sense of gratitude, strong affection, deep love feelings.

What flower arrangements can be bought from us

The Srez online store offers you compositions with:

  • Creamy peony roses
  • with white eustoma;
  • with multi-colored spray roses;
  • · with pink flowers in a floristic box.

When choosing roses from us, you can be sure that you will receive only a fresh cut. A flower arrangement with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine is an ideal option for a gift and an unexpected surprise, which will certainly be appreciated.