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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Red roses.

Лидер продаж!
19 red roses in the box
19 red roses in the box
101 rose freedom 70 cm
101 red roses Ecuador 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
35 red roses in box
 35 red roses in a white box 20 * 20..
51 heart-shaped roses
 51 heart-shaped roses with greenery in the oasis...
51 rose shangri-la
51 rose shangri - la satin ribbon 1.5mThe photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
55 roses in the shape of a heart
Rose red 55 pcs. oasis, form, greens...
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
Лидер продаж!
101 red roses
101 red roses
Rose red 50 cm 101 pcs., Satin ribbon 1.5m ..
101 red roses + Raffaello as a gift
Red rose 50 cm. 101 pcs. packaging + Raffaello candies...
101 red roses in a basket
Red rose 101 pcs. oasis, big basket...
101 white-red roses in a box
 101 white-red roses in a box 35 * 25..
15 heart-shaped roses
15 red roses, oasis, heart-shaped box, satin ribbon 1m...
15 red roses
15 red roses 50 cm, packing decor 2 heart..
19 Dutch roses
Holland rose red 50 cm 19 pcs. packaging...
19 red roses
Rose red 50 cm. Packing..
19 red spray roses
 19 red spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 Holland rose
21 Holland rose 70 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 red roses 50 cm
21 red roses 60 cm, packaging...
25 roses in a box
25 red roses in a box 18 * 18, greens..
25 el toro 50 cm
25 red roses el toro 50 cm satin ribbon 1m...
25 red roses
25 red roses 50 cm. packaging...
25 roses in the snow
25 red roses in a box 20 * 20 gypsophila 1..
301 rose
35 roses in a box
35 red roses in a black box 20 * 20..
45 heart shaped roses
45 white red roses in a box..
501 roses in a basket
Red rose 50 cm. 501 pcs. greens 40 pcs. oasis, big basket..
51 red and blue rose
51 Dutch red and blue rose ..
7 red roses with eucalyptus
7 red roses 50 cm., Eucalyptus 2 pcs., Packing, satin ribbon 1 m.The photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
Box "Hypnosis"
101 roses Box Decor..
Rose red, white 47 pcs. oasis, heart box, ribbon...
Rose red 15 pcs. 1 meter, packing...
Gift basket № 1
Basket, Pineapple 1 pc. Apples 5pcs. Kiwi 5pcs. Banana 1kg. Grapes 1 kg. Whiskey Chivas Regal 12 yo 0.7, red rose 50 cm. 19 pcs...
 9 red Holland roses 60 cm.Eucalyptus 2 pcs. tape 1m...
Rose Freedom 25 pcs
Rose Ecuador 70 cm 25 pcs. tape 2m...
Sweet heart
 Red rose 13, Ferrero candies 16pcs. orchid pink 1, box heart 25 * 10..
Sweet heart raffaello
Rose red 13 pcs. raffaello 150g. heart box 25 * 10..
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Red roses

Beautiful bouquets with red roses are perhaps the most popular flower arrangements. They are usually given as a sign of great love and respect. With such flowers you can please your beloved girl, wife, mother, sister, etc.

With delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine, our online flower shop Srez offers to buy cheap red roses. Here you can choose a beautiful composition from a different number of flowers, complemented by ribbons, greenery. Roses can be packaged in gift paper or a beautiful floral box.

Beautiful stories about red roses

The flower of passion and love has many legends that tell about its origin. One such legend is Greek. She tells about the goddess of love Aphrodite, who hurried to her beloved and pricked her legs on a rose bush thorn. Blood appeared on her skin, turning the beautiful flowers crimson.

Another story about scarlet roses was written by Oscar Wilde. She told that once a bird pierced its heart with a thorn of a rose bush so that the flowers would turn red, and the young man gave them to his beloved.

We also note that at all times writers sang of red roses, calling them a symbol of love.

When can I present a red bouquet of roses

On February 14, a bouquet of red roses is the most sought after. Guys and men order such compositions for their loved ones. They symbolize love and romantic feelings. It seems that the classic bright red combinations declare their love. What do other shades of colors mean? Let's take a look together.

  1. Dark red ruby flowers symbolize passion and are associated with sexual attraction. If for you a girl is an object of desire and desire, then dark red ruby flowers are what you need.
  2. Burgundy roses are a symbol of respect and admiration. Such bouquets can be given for various celebrations. If you want to stop choosing just such roses to present them at a gala event, then order their design in a box. She will make the composition more businesslike, elegant, give it severity.
  3. Burgundy-violet and maroon-lilac flowers are a symbol of attraction. Suitable for expressing fiery feelings.
  4. A composition in which a red rose is combined with a white one means that a man is ready to love you despite the complexities of your character.

What flower combinations with red roses does Srez offer?

Red bouquets of roses are presented in our catalog in a wide range. Here you can order a bouquet of red roses:

  • Shangri-La with satin ribbon;
  • Dutch combined with blue roses;
  • multi-colored bush;
  • pink;
  • with white eustoma;
  • with cream peony;
  • with bush varieties Bombastic.

Our florists will select red roses for you with love and care, which will be a great gift and help you express your feelings. Give beautiful flowers to loved ones for your pleasure! With our store it's so easy!