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colorful roses

With or without reason, for a holiday or just as a token of attention, it is so nice to give delicious bouquets of colorful roses to dear people. A sparkle in the eyes and a happy grateful smile from receiving such a spectacular present will be the best reward for you. Talented florists from Srez will create a luxurious composition for you individually, taking into account the gender and age of the recipient, occasion and hobbies.

What does a bouquet of multi-colored roses say?

No woman can resist a bouquet of roses - this is a timeless classic that always works. But if you are an original person and want to make a creative present, pay attention to a bouquet of multi-colored roses. He talks about the individuality of the approach to choosing a gift, the desire to stand out, to present something non-standard, interesting to the recipient.

Such a bright flower arrangement also says a lot about the person for whom it is intended. This is an extraordinary personality, active, very energetic, who lives every moment with pleasure. Multi-colored roses will suit a young girl, as bright, juicy, fragrant as the flowers themselves. But they will also be an excellent present for an extravagant lady of Balzac age and older, who prefers bright colors, original things, likes to stand out from the crowd.

If you believe in the symbolism of colors, then a bouquet of roses of different colors can say a lot, depending on what shades you decide to combine in it. In our store, the best roses are always available - fresh, healthy, fragrant, in a wide range of colors and shades:

  • red;
  • pink;
  • lilac;
  • purple;
  • orange;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • cream.

Depending on your preferences, a multi-colored bouquet of roses can be packaged in different ways - elegantly wrapped with ribbon, paper or a special net, placed in a hat box or a wooden box. Our possibilities have no limits, they are limited only by your wishes and budget.

How to choose a multi-colored bouquet of roses?

When choosing bouquets of roses of different colors, be guided not only by your own preferences, but also by the taste and style of the recipient. Pay attention to his habits, style of clothing, objects that surround him, preferences. If you find it difficult to choose, ask our experienced florists for help. They are not only known for their colors, but also for the preferences and wishes of customers.

Depending on the nature, age and gender of the recipient, florists are ready to individually select the composition. So, for young sensitive natures, a bouquet of roses in delicate shades - cream, pale pink, white - will be an ideal gift. For activists and energizers, bold color combinations are suitable - orange, red, yellow, hot pink, purple, etc. Don't want to take risks? Pay attention to the proposed options for bouquets in this category, one of them will definitely interest you.

Add colors to your life and the life of a loved one - give flowers and joy with Srez!