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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Violet roses.

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Purple roses

Probably, each of you knows that flowers are one of the best gifts. Celebrations are not complete without them - anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc. Our online flower shop Srez offers a large selection of original roses and more. Here you can order a bouquet of fresh cut purple roses with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine. Such a non-standard color of the bud will certainly cause admiration for the one to whom it was presented.

What bouquets with purple roses can be ordered at the Srez store

Our florists will be happy to assemble for you a beautiful bouquet of flowers of the length and quantity you need. Also, the composition can be supplemented:

  • satin ribbons;
  • greenery;
  • Gift paper
  • flower boxes;
  • sweets or other gifts to the composition.

What do bouquets with purple roses mean

It's no secret that each flower has its own hidden meaning. This also applies to the original colors of purple. When creating beautiful compositions these days, such buds are often chosen. There is no doubt that they look beautiful and spectacular. Roses of exquisite color will decorate any room in a vase and in a floristic box. And we can also say that a bouquet of purple roses looks very original and even exotic.

A beautiful purple rose can mean:

  • hope;
  • youth;
  • balance;
  • gratitude;
  • support;
  • wish to congratulate someone.

Purple color in flower arrangements is highly valued by Catholics. They associate this color with deep respect. It is for this reason that bouquets of purple roses can be seen at religious ceremonies in Catholic churches.

We also note an interesting point that a purple rosebud also means a deep and spiritual passion, a mystical beginning. That is why the flower is also called the mystical rose.

Another meaning of the purple flower is magnetism between two people. True, you should be careful here. Indeed, according to the interpretation, such flowers do not imply a long-term relationship. That is why we can talk about a strong, but fleeting attraction. Therefore, if you are planning a common future with your girlfriend, it is better to give her a bouquet of a different color.

It is quite possible to buy purple roses to express gratitude and feelings of friendship. They can also symbolize the desire to be in the company and affection for a person.

But this is not all the meanings of the purple flower. In ancient times, purple was an attribute of royalty. And therefore, compositions of purple roses can also be attributed to such symbols as greatness, glory, wealth.

Why is it better to buy a bouquet of purple roses in our store

There are several answers to this:

  1. We only offer fresh cuts.
  2. We have a rich selection of colors for every occasion.
  3. We offer fast delivery of floral arrangements in Kyiv and Ukraine.
  4. When assembling bouquets, we take into account all the wishes of the client.
  5. Accepts payment in various ways.
  6. We can offer related products for flowers: toys, sweets, vases, etc.
  7. We will always prompt and help with the choice of composition.

Please yourself and loved ones with fresh flowers. It's really easy with us!