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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Orange roses.

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Orange roses - a bouquet for bright events

The rhythm of life of a modern person sometimes leaves no time for sentimentality. But paying attention to your loved ones, friends and colleagues is very simple - you just have to present a beautiful bouquet of orange roses. For a long time, poems, songs and legends have been composed about delicate, luxurious roses of the color of the sun, so this flower will tell you about your feelings in the best way.

Orange rose is a holiday flower!

The most popular, classic flower of our time is the rose. All the fair sex is glad to see her: both young girls and luxurious ladies. It is valued for its delicate, refined aroma, variety of colors and shades, elegance of buds and blooming flowers. It is appropriate to give a rose for a holiday, a memorable event, or on an ordinary day, as a symbol of attention.

Among the many varieties, shades of this flower, an unusual and dynamic orange rose stands out. The first association when you see such a bright flower is an energy charge of mood! Floristics interprets orange as confidence, determination, passionate love. This is a direct call to action. For Eastern culture, shades of sunlight are a symbol of well-being, prosperity, warmth, respect.

Red roses can be interpreted, deciphered in different ways, depending on religion, traditions and preferences, but one thing is for sure - such a present will surely cause a smile, delight, and a good mood in the recipient!

A bouquet of orange roses can contain a huge range of emotions. There are dozens of shades in the range of this color, so everyone will find the perfect bouquet for their soul mate or girlfriend. It is worth noting the tenderness of pastel peach color, pay attention to the peony buds of nude tone, which will touch any girl.

Orange roses have been used in floristry not so long ago, but they quickly won the sympathy of both craftsmen and customers. Lovely, such dynamic buds are able to conquer at first sight. They will allow you to paint the world with bright colors for relatives and friends.

Who would like a bouquet of orange roses?

The composition of these flowers is considered universal, classic, so it is suitable for any occasion. A sunny bouquet of orange roses can be a present to a colleague, as a tribute, and as a love confession to a soul mate when meeting after a long separation. You can give such flowers in different ways, meaning:

  • friend or girlfriend - gratitude for support or help;
  • beloved girl - symbolizes the transition to a new level in a relationship;
  • wife - as a symbol of love, appreciation, gratitude, greetings;
  •   to the boss, employees at work - as a congratulation, as a result of the completion of the project, transaction;
  • for the bride - a wedding bouquet of orange roses gives a charge of a long, happy relationship.

Between a guy and a girl, this color will mean, symbolize passion. Not just strong emotions, but something more intimate. Therefore, you need to carefully consider at what stage of the relationship to give such a “strong” present.

Beautiful orange rose bouquets are a truly versatile way to express a wide range of feelings. It is appropriate for any holiday for loved ones, relatives and friends. In the Srez salon, everyone can order a bouquet or a basket of lovely flowers, arranged and decorated by professional florists. In the compositions we use only fresh flowers that will last a long time. You can buy orange roses remotely, and we will do our best to ensure that your sign of attention arrives on time and in the right place.