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The catalog below presents bouquets of roses that contain Blue roses.

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Blue rose - exotic and eccentricity

Blue roses in a bouquet are a special, bewitching beauty. They will surprise and delight every woman with their mystery, even mysticism. The flower has a royal charm, today it is quite rare, so they give it to really selected ladies who they want to impress and conquer.

Exclusive bouquet of blue roses

When you need to surprise, make an unforgettable gift, an incredible surprise, or just want to give something new, you should look at blue roses. Floristry is actively developing, breeders are growing new varieties, species, so a blue rose is not something fantastic. Do not think that these are some artificial flowers, they are completely natural. If a few years ago it was problematic to buy them, now there are no barriers to this.

The first thing to understand is that the shade is obtained by staining. Blue is not a natural color for plants, few flowers have it. This makes such roses a symbol of ideal, perfection, sublimity, to which one wants to reach.

Of course, many attempts are being made to grow such a tone naturally, but for the time being, staining technology is still used. This is a very entertaining procedure, and the result looks natural. Maybe someone decided that this is done with a spray can of paint? We hasten to reassure, of course not. The process is more subtle: cut plants are placed in a container of water, which is tinted with a harmless dye. Eating such a liquid, the bud gradually acquires a noble shade.

A blue or light blue bouquet is worthy of being given on a special occasion or to a special person. It is presented for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, anniversary, for a party or corporate party, and just from a good mood!

For a girl or woman, a blue rose will tell about delight, admiration for her from a fan, that he is glad to meet you, ready to surprise and conquer. If the bouquet is intended for a person who does not cause romantic dreams, then it will be a symbol of inspiration, imitation (do not confuse with copying) in an effort to achieve success, respect.

Being a rare flower that is not bought as often as the rest, the blue rose is able to transform a bouquet into an exclusive present. It can be said that few people have seen a blue rose live, so they are not expected to receive it. This guarantees unforgettable emotions, a sense of delight, gratitude for special care, a sign of attention.

Blue rose in the decoration of the holidays

Bouquets of blue roses look non-standard, extravagant, they are guaranteed to attract attention. Since this palette refers to the water element, the flower is in some cases associated with maritime professions. It is noteworthy that sailors, being away from their relatives, often choose it as a gift.

It can be a good option for blue festivities, a unique opportunity to combine the classics with your favorite color. For example, for a wedding in blue, the banquet hall, boutonnieres of the groom and friends, and the bride's bouquet with blue roses are decorated. Guests can present a themed bouquet, congratulating the newlyweds.

A popular bouquet of blue roses for business banquets, corporate parties, receptions, presentations or exhibitions. A solid and calm tone, which demonstrates stability, reliability, well-being and confidence, contributes to the development of a long cooperation.

We can confidently say that, having decided to buy a blue rose, it is impossible to miscalculate. Srez offers to order unusual bouquets for your dear people, surprise them and show attention. Our florists will individually collect the best composition for you, complementing it with various decor of your choice - paper, film, organza, ribbons, sweets, postcards or balloons. Buying blue roses in Kyiv in the Srez salon is not only profitable, but also pleasant!