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The catalog below presents bouquets in which Alstroemeria is present.

Cherished dream
 Shrub rose mix 6 pcs. alstroemeria white 3 pcs. greens, packaging...
Shrub rose red 4 pcs. chrysanthemum white 2 pcs. alstroemeria 3 pcs. greens, packaging..
3 roses, 1 chrysanthemum, 3 alstroemerias, 4 irises, greenery, packing...
Kaleidoscope of Flowers
chrysanthemum 4, statica 2, alstroemeria 2 eucalyptus, packaging..
Miss Charm
3 gerberas, 1 eustoma, 2 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums, 1 gypsophila, packing...
Pink Girl
Rose 7 bush rose 5 alstroemeria 1 hypericum 2 packs..
Summer day
Alstroemeria colorful 29 pcs. tape 1m...
Vivid emotions
Orange gerbera 5pcs. alstroemeria 5pcs. rose red 5 pcs. chrysanthemum green 5 pcs. greens, packaging...
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Alstroemeria bouquets

A beautiful and fragrant bouquet of alstroemerias is a good gift for the holiday. The shape of the flower is a bit like a lily, but its leaves are arranged asymmetrically, approximately like an orchid. Florists are happy to add alstrometry to their compositions. The lush mono-bouquet also looks great. Our online flower shop Srez offers you to order bouquets of alstrometry of different sizes. We also have delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine.

How did alstrometry come about?

Alstrometry came to us from Peru. Therefore, it is also called the lily of the Incas. When people believed that such a flower was given to them by the god of the Sun. In those days, only priests were allowed to touch it, because the flower was sacred.

In Europe, alstrometry appeared thanks to Baron Claus von Alstrometer in the 18th century. When he was on a trip around the world, he noticed an original flower in Peru and took a couple of tubers with him to bring to Sweden. In this country, breeders began to actively work on the flower. It is thanks to them that this flower has one of the richest color palettes. There are also two-tone color options.

What are the symbols of alstrometry flowers

During the Victorian era, it was fashionable to send messages through a bouquet. Alstrometry had its meaning. She was considered the flower of friendship. A bouquet of alstroemerias was devoid of romantic overtones, but at the same time meant friendship. Their meaning changed along with the color of the flower:

  • white - closeness on a spiritual level;
  • pink - the desire to help and take care of a person;
  • purple, blue, lilac - indicates the individuality of the one to whom the flowers are addressed;
  • orange, yellow - a wish for success in all endeavors;
  • red is a symbol of warm feelings (but not passionate love, as, for example, in the case of scarlet roses).

Those who trust signs probably know that alstrometry is worth growing at home to attract friends. For this, both a bouquet and a flower in a flowerpot are suitable.

If you want your alstrometry bouquet to look more romantic, choose a composition where this flower is combined with others, such as roses. The florists of the Srez store will be happy to assemble such a bouquet for you.

When to give alstrometry

If you want to please someone with just such a bouquet, choose the appropriate occasion. Such a gift would be appropriate:

  1. To the International Day of Friendship July 30. This gift is perfect for your best friend. Give her an alstrometry composition and thank her for her strong friendship.
  2. After a fight with a friend. Such flowers can be presented as a sign of reconciliation. Purple, white and pink flowers are best suited.
  3. To congratulate a friend or girlfriend on your favorite holiday: birthday, promotion, moving to a new apartment, and so on.

Is it possible to give a bouquet of such flowers to your mother or girlfriend, if they mean friendship? Of course! After all, our closest relatives and friends are our best friends. A bright mix of alstrometry will help emphasize your warm feelings, spiritual kinship. To please a loved one with such a gift, you do not even need to wait for a special occasion. This can be done any day!

Benefits of ordering from us

By choosing alstrometry flowers from us, you will be able to appreciate the many advantages of our store:

  • a large assortment of colors;
  • always only fresh cuts;
  • the ability to choose any number of colors and design method: in gift paper or a floristic box, with satin ribbons or greenery;
  • reasonable price;
  • different payment methods;
  • delivery across Kyiv and Ukraine.

Interested in our offer? Then quickly contact our flower shop to place an order and please your loved one!