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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of White color.

"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm
101 Dutch white rose 70 cm, Packaging..
101 white rose
101 white rose 60 cm. Ribbon 2m...
15 white eustomas
Eustoma white 15 pcs. packing, satin ribbon 1m..
19 lisianthus
 19 white-purple lisianthus in pack. tape 1m...
19 white tulips
White tulip 19 pcs. packaging...
25 white tulips per pack
25 white tulips per pack..
Лидер продаж!
3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack..
35 white Dutch roses
35 white Dutch roses 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
49 white tulips
White tulip 49 pcs. craft packaging...
7 lilies
7 lilies, ribbon 1m...
A bright surprise
Basket "your confessions"
Compound Rose 15 pcs Eucalyptus Basket Decor..
Blue sky
Hydrangea blue 3pcs. chrysanthemum tanacetum 15 pcs. alstroemeria white 2 pcs. greens, tape 1m...
Bouquet from Florist Oksana
White lily 3 pcs. rose pink 5 pcs. peony bush rose 7 pcs. chrysanthemum light green 3 pcs. eustoma white 3 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. p..
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Miss Charm
3 gerberas, 1 eustoma, 2 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums, 1 gypsophila, packing...
Pure heart
Shrub pink rose 6, chrysanthemum white 3, greenery, packing...
Quivering love
7 red roses, 5 white lilies, ribbon 1m...
Spring feeling
Rose 3 pcs. Tulip 6 pcs. greens, packaging..
Сamomile field
Chrysanthemum white 51 pcs. Tanacetum 50 pcs. packaging..
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White flowers

A popular and frequently used color in floristry is white. This choice is quite universal, because it is suitable for any holiday and joyful event. A white bouquet of flowers is associated with purity, innocence and chastity.

When they give a bouquet of white flowers

Being a symbol of purity, a bouquet of white flowers is perfect as an expression of gratitude and sincere love. Psychologists see fidelity in white, so they believe that the giver of such a flower arrangement emphasizes his trust, a good attitude towards the recipient.

A white bouquet looks fresh, elegant and very gentle, for which it is preferred by young girls. A man who gives white flowers knows his own worth and appreciates his companion, he is ready to develop relationships and seek a chosen one. Another meaning is the ability and desire to listen, to wait.

Lightness, airiness of a white bouquet, a symbol of innocence - the most common choice for a bride. It is also perfect for congratulating the young from the guests of the wedding celebration.

Bouquets of white flowers can bring inspiration and insight. They are purchased for congratulations on academic achievements, academic success. At the same time, a completely different direction of using such flowers is religious - for events, festivities as a symbol of hope, bright changes.

Bouquets of white flowers - types and meaning

In addition to the general meaning of white in floristry, bouquets of different varieties of flowers of this shade can have their own symbolism and purpose. Which one is better to give preference to?

  1. Orchid. The leader in the category of snow-white compositions is the orchid. It can be presented to mother, sister, other relatives, close friends.
  2. White roses are a classic favorite of all. Such a delicate, charming bouquet is suitable for dates, meeting friends, because this is a great way to express sympathy. Roses go well with other plants.
  3. Lilies. White lilies look spectacular in bouquets and decor, because they are universal for ladies of all ages. Meaning gratitude, gratitude, they are suitable for a present to respected persons.
  4. Tulips. When it is necessary to express feelings to a girl, they give an armful of white tulips - tenderness, youth, spring mood, desire for change.
  5. Chrysanthemums symbolize wisdom, so they are most often chosen for mothers and grandmothers. They can delight for a long time with their fresh look.
  6. Eustoma and ranunculus are airy, soft, they look advantageous in mono-bouquets and compositions. Definitely like little girls, young girls.
  7. Peonies are luxurious romantic flowers that are most often used as a gift for loved ones, for wedding bouquets of the bride.

White hydrangeas are hope, modesty. They are suitable for any occasion and even without it.

Another option for giving white flowers is potted plants, namely azalea, orchid, plumeria, bell, balsam.

Floristic company Srez offers to buy white flowers for every taste. Exquisite compositions will transform any holiday, bring notes of freshness, romance and charm. It is very easy to choose the right flowers in our convenient catalog, and florists will make sure that the bouquet is decorated in an original way.