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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Cream color.

"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
19 peony roses
19 cream peony roses, packing, satin ribbon...
35 cream roses with greenery
Cream rose 50 cm. Greenery, ribbon 2m...
A bright surprise
Basket "your confessions"
Compound Rose 15 pcs Eucalyptus Basket Decor..
Bouquet of peony roses XL
Peony roses 60 m 17 pcs. eucalyptus decor..
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Pink Girl
Rose 7 bush rose 5 alstroemeria 1 hypericum 2 packs..
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Cream flowers

Fresh cream-colored flowers are one of the most delicate and beautiful. It seems that each such flower symbolizes the deepest devotion and tenderness.

Would you like to order a bouquet of cream flowers for your loved one? Then we recommend contacting our flower shop Srez. The presented range will surely please you! Our florists will be happy to put together a unique arrangement for you. It can be plain or combined with other colors. Also, the bouquet can be assembled in a basket or flower box. If desired, we can add sweets, toys, balloons, etc. to the composition. Also in the Srez store you can order the delivery of the bouquet you like in Kyiv and the region, and even in Ukraine. We work so that you can please your loved ones!

Cream colored flowers

A deep and delicate shade allows us to say with confidence that the cream flowers in the bouquet are truly “royal”. Why is that? Because in nature you will not find petals of this color. They were bred artificially by breeders. To get such a delicate flower, breeders all over the world worked for more than one day. To do this, they had to cross white flowers many times with others. This allowed florists to get a wide range of interesting variations. But breeders from China were able to achieve exactly the cream shade.

Further breeding of cream-colored roses also had to comply with all the rules. With even a small mistake, the petals changed their color. That is why the first cream-colored roses were very expensive, and only the richest people, for example, aristocrats, could afford them. Now the situation in the floristry market has changed, and such a flower arrangement has become available to everyone. Nowadays, you can order a creamy bouquet of flowers not only from roses, but also from lilies, eustomas, chrysanthemums, etc.

Cream bouquets of flowers: symbolism

Bouquets of cream flowers symbolize:

  • tenderness;
  • natural charm;
  • elegance;
  • fortitude and fortitude;
  • inner beauty.

If you want to show a person that you are ready to take care of him, show your attention to him, admire and be fascinated by him, then cream bouquets of flowers will suit you perfectly.

When to give bouquets of cream flowers?

Such gentle compositions are suitable for different events:

  • Anniversaries. A bouquet will help you emphasize your feelings for a person and his importance to you.
  • Holidays at work. You can also present such a present to business partners on the occasion of a holiday, promotion, award, etc.
  • Birthday. Expressing your tender feelings for a loved one on a birthday is always a good idea.

Separately, I would like to say that cream roses are often also used for a bride's bouquet. It symbolizes her tenderness and purity.

If you want to order a bouquet of cream flowers, welcome to Srez store! Our florists will be happy to help you and put together a beautiful arrangement for you.