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The catalog below presents bouquets in which Hydrangea is present.

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Bouquet of hydrangeas

Elegance, modesty, airiness - these three words perfectly describe the amazing flower - hydrangea. It symbolizes good nature, nobility and restraint, brings positive energy, joy and warmth to the house. An exquisite bouquet of hydrangeas will help to demonstrate to a person how dear he is to you, to show good intentions, pure thoughts. And since the inflorescences amaze with their perfection, regular shape, the hydrangea does not need expensive packaging - even one branch can create a unique mono-bouquet. And if you have the opportunity and desire, you can order a unique bouquet of hydrangeas in a hat box, drawer or in a chic design.

Hydrangea in a bouquet - symbolism, meaning

This flower came to us from the East. According to the legend, at the time when the Buddha was born, the whole earth shook and amazing flowers began to fall from heaven. These were the hydrangeas, which are considered incredibly valuable in Asia to this day. Asians believe that they have the power to protect from evil spirits and demons. Perhaps that is why bouquets of hydrangeas in the East are given as a blessing, for good luck and prosperity.

Incredibly popular hydrangea, which is also called the "Chinese rose", has become ours. It is planted in the house and on the site, used in bouquets and for decorating rooms for holidays and weddings. Over the past year, in terms of the number and popularity of requests from buyers, hydrangea entered the top of flowers, where it became almost on a par with roses and peony.

The flower is associated with fidelity, they give it as a token of gratitude. Today you can buy hydrangea in different colors, because there are more than 60 species of this plant. The peculiarity of the flower is that on one inflorescence there can be small flowers of different shapes and shades. Most often there are gentle, pastel colors of this inflorescence, but there may be brighter, more saturated colors, depending on the variety.

Hydrangea in a bouquet can be of the following color:

  • pink - Spike, Vendetta, Magical Amethyst, Margarita;
  • white - a variety with large inflorescences Nordpool, as well as Snowball, Margarita, Magic;
  • blue - varieties Vendetta, Spike, Amethyst, Margarita; the largest inflorescences in the Spike variety;
  • red - Rudy, Terracotta, Green shadow (large inflorescences);
  • dark blue - a unique flower of the Rodeo variety;
  • green - Annabelle, Lizard, Green Star.

Most often, bouquets of hydrangeas are given as a declaration of love, appreciation, gratitude. And gratitude can be different - for a meeting, care or attention. It is very interesting that such a present is referred to as "silent gifts", that is, it is not necessary to sign it. According to the idea, the recipient will independently guess who gave him such an exquisite, pleasant gift. The flower is so beautiful that it does not require many words, it speaks for itself perfectly. Perhaps for this reason, it has become the best gift for romantic natures, thin, sensitive girls.

Hydrangea care tips

Having received a delicate, elegant bouquet with hydrangea as a gift, you really want to extend its life for many days. To make the flowers look perfect for as long as possible, before putting them in a vase, remove all the leaves from the plant, shorten the stem a little. Next, you can split the stem a little and hold it over an open fire for a couple of seconds. After lowering the bouquet in ice water for hardening.

If you don’t like such drastic actions, then we recommend that you simply shorten the stem by 1 cm every 2-3 days, change the water to fresh, cool. Do not place the bouquet under the direct rays of the sun, in too warm places, for example, near the radiator. This will damage every cut flower.

If you decide to make such an exquisite gift, want to buy a bouquet of hydrangeas, then by all means visit us. Salon Srez is always ready to offer you fresh beautiful inflorescences, create sophisticated mono-bouquets or original flower arrangements from them. We will deliver your gift quickly, to the right place!