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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Blue color.

Blue sky
Hydrangea blue 3pcs. chrysanthemum tanacetum 15 pcs. alstroemeria white 2 pcs. greens, tape 1m...
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Blue flowers

To leave an unforgettable impression and give vivid emotions, you should choose something unusual. Delicate blue flowers will be a non-standard and memorable option. Such a bouquet will certainly demonstrate your special attitude, will be highly appreciated by the recipient.

What does the bouquet of blue flowers symbolize?

A bouquet of blue flowers will be a pleasant gift and an unexpected surprise. After all, blue, blue flowers are rarer than others. Blue in floristry is love, desire, inspiration. For the design of flower arrangements, in addition to breeding varieties, wild flowers are often used. Such combinations allow you to get original bouquets that surprise with grace, fragrance, and colors.

Shades of blue are calm, balanced and airy. This color has a romantic, at the same time mysterious, ephemeral lightness. Accordingly, people who prefer it have an outstanding personality, spirituality, but also pay tribute to tradition.

Blue bouquets have a gentle, cheerful look, so they are suitable for everyone - from young girls to older ladies. Here you just need to choose a more suitable shade.

Blue Bouquet of Flowers - Gift Ideas

A bouquet of pale blue flowers from the groom is a direct statement of devotion, fidelity, honesty. Many girls love wild blue flowers, which emphasize creative and light nature, fantasy, freedom.

The most popular gift options in blue tones:

  1. roses - sincere love, originality, serious intentions of a man;
  2. chrysanthemums - respect and warm feelings, suitable for loved ones, relatives, friends, for anniversaries and anniversaries;
  3. blue tulips - unusual, rare flowers that symbolize devotion, fidelity;
  4. bells - for schoolgirls, young girls;
  5. forget-me-nots - a symbol of eternal love from a young man;
  6. hydrangeas - a friend, sister and, as an option, a wedding bouquet;
  7. delphinium - suitable for almost everyone.

A plant in a pot will be an original and practical gift. As a kind of blue bouquet of flowers, you can give pansies, geraniums, snowdrops, hyances. Such a present will bring a sense of calm and become an aesthetic decoration of the interior. In addition, it will last much longer, you just have to choose the flowering period.

Well, if you really want to surprise, then you can present unusual blue flowers and mini trees. This gift will definitely be remembered. For example, hionodoxa - inflorescences in the form of brushes, tunbergia - an evergreen plant with inflorescences, vertical planting like vines is suitable; cornflowers - the most unpretentious flowers; morning glory - has a long flowering period.

Blue flowers can be an addition to a present or play the role of a main gift. And in itself, such a bouquet will not go unnoticed. Florist Srez offers bouquets of blue flowers decorated with various decors. A lot of non-standard ideas will be able to please and win the sympathy of every buyer. We will make sure that the selected bouquet is delivered exactly at the appointed time, and the surprise is a success.