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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Yellow color.

"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
45 tulips
45 yellow-violet tulips 40 cm, ribbon 2m...
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Yellow flowers

Everyone has probably heard the opinion that yellow flowers mean separation and parting. A lot of creativity, signs, proverbs are connected with this. But do not believe in prejudice! No need to be afraid of the yellow color, but rather enjoy its bright, sunny energy.

Yellow flowers - the meaning of the bouquet

Each color gives different emotions, sensations. Regarding yellow - it brings harmony, joy and optimism. A yellow bouquet of flowers around the world is associated with friendship, happiness, wealth, intelligence. Psychologists say that this shade will be perfect for a birthday, because it means love of life.

A bouquet of yellow flowers stands out from the rest, attracts attention. Being a sunny color, it carries a positive charge, energy. This is a sign of sincere and strong friendship. But it is worth mentioning the acceptance of these colors for separation. It means that such a color will make it clear that the feeling is fading, as it is more suitable for friendships.

It is good to give such flower arrangements for a birthday, on the occasion of employment, as a wish for good luck and success, for graduation. However, you should be careful with superstitious people. In general, it will not be superfluous to take into account the nature of the recipient so that the gift is not misinterpreted.

How is it customary to give a bouquet of yellow flowers?

Carrying sunlight, energy and positive in its petals, the yellow flower will be appropriate for many holidays of relatives, friends, colleagues. He is able to express gratitude, support, cheer up and show feelings.

What to choose compositions of yellow color? It all depends on the season, because according to it you can give preference to the following colors:

  1. Spring flowers for bouquets are daffodils, dandelions, tulips, irises. They bring warmth and sunshine. Compositions of such plants are used to decorate religious services, holidays, such as Easter, for example.
  2. If the holiday falls on the summer period, then you can congratulate the hero of the occasion with daisies, lilies, buttercups or pansies. Bouquets of ranunculus, heliopsis, hyacinths, rudobeckia look cheerful and dynamic. Yellow wildflowers will delight young girls, life lovers.
  3. In autumn, the sunflower will be the central figure of floristic salons. Various shades of lemon, golden and even chocolate make it possible to create unusual combinations.
  4. In winter, they give bouquets of yellow flowers, which are dominated by classic chrysanthemums, gerberas, and carnations. On short and gray days, it is especially nice to get a real explosion of colors!

And, of course, it is worth highlighting the all-season option - roses. This is a classic that everyone likes, so it is preferred all year round.

The Srez store has a large selection of vibrant yellows. Florists will make a classic bouquet or composition in a hat box, basket. Fresh flowers will be able to delight with their appearance for more than one week, and the original design will only emphasize the unusualness of the bouquet. At the choice of the client, the composition is complemented with various decor - ribbons, felt, paper or film packaging, postcards and balloons, sweets. We will take into account every wish, and if necessary, we will offer more than one interesting idea.