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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Red color.

101 rose freedom 70 cm
101 red roses Ecuador 70 cm. Ribbon 2m...
51 rose shangri-la
51 rose shangri - la satin ribbon 1.5mThe photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
"Your Rainbow"
51 roses of different varieties..
Лидер продаж!
101 red roses
101 red roses
Rose red 50 cm 101 pcs., Satin ribbon 1.5m ..
15 red roses
15 red roses 50 cm, packing decor 2 heart..
19 Dutch roses
Holland rose red 50 cm 19 pcs. packaging...
19 red roses
Rose red 50 cm. Packing..
19 red spray roses
 19 red spray roses 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 Holland rose
21 Holland rose 70 cm. Ribbon 1m...
21 red roses 50 cm
21 red roses 60 cm, packaging...
21 red tulip
21 red tulip 40 cm with ribbon..
25 el toro 50 cm
25 red roses el toro 50 cm satin ribbon 1m...
25 red roses
25 red roses 50 cm. packaging...
25 red tulips
25 red tulips in black packaging..
25 red tulips in pack
25 red tulips 40 cm. in pack..
301 rose
45 tulips
45 red tulips 40 cm, packing..
51 red and blue rose
51 Dutch red and blue rose ..
7 red roses with eucalyptus
7 red roses 50 cm., Eucalyptus 2 pcs., Packing, satin ribbon 1 m.The photo of the bouquet may differ slightly from the photo...
Rose red 15 pcs. 1 meter, packing...
 9 red Holland roses 60 cm.Eucalyptus 2 pcs. tape 1m...
Quivering love
7 red roses, 5 white lilies, ribbon 1m...
Rose Freedom 25 pcs
Rose Ecuador 70 cm 25 pcs. tape 2m...
Vivid emotions
Orange gerbera 5pcs. alstroemeria 5pcs. rose red 5 pcs. chrysanthemum green 5 pcs. greens, packaging...
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Red flowers

One of the most beautiful and, without exaggeration, the most popular are red flowers. Most often they are given to loved ones as a sign of their quivering feelings. But scarlet compositions are also presented to mothers, girlfriends, sisters, etc.

Most likely, the assortment of red flowers is the widest. Roses, gerberas, lilies, chrysanthemums, peony, etc. can have this color. But, of course, the most widespread are roses.

Where can I order an original and fresh red bouquet of flowers? To do this, we recommend that you visit our Srez online store. With us you will certainly choose for yourself a unique composition of the freshest flowers. Also, our florists can offer you to complement the bouquet with toys, balls, vases and other gifts. In addition, in the Srez store you can order the delivery of a flower present not only in Kyiv and the region, but also in Ukraine. Now it will be even easier to please your loved ones!

What do red flowers mean?

Red is the most visible and most expressive color. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that it has a deep symbolism. Even in ancient times, red was a symbol of deep feelings: love, devotion, passion. In our time, red is associated primarily with passionate love.

Red roses are a symbol of true love. The one that lives deep in the heart. They are also a symbol of violent passion. If you want to express your feelings to a girl, but are embarrassed to do so, then a bouquet of red flowers will help you, because everyone knows about their meaning.

What does red rose mean?

The rose is the queen of the garden. Its rich red color, which can vary from bright red to deep burgundy, symbolizes the superiority of the flower over others. Roses are the most recognizable red flowers. They have several meanings:

  • Scarlet roses - unfading passion and strong love.
  • Dark red roses are deep and lasting feelings.
  • Red roses in combination with white - sympathy, respect, attraction to a balanced and harmonious relationship.

To whom to give red flowers

Bouquets of red flowers can be given to your girlfriend or woman. So you can express your feelings, sympathy, desire for a long and serious relationship, passion - everything will depend on which shade of red you choose. If you want the composition to look elegant and sophisticated, choose a flower with a long stem.

Have you been in a relationship for a long time? Then order a large bouquet of red roses. So you can impress your soulmate and once again declare your feelings to her.

Also, red flowers can be presented to your mother or girlfriend, sister. After all, to whom should we communicate our love, if not to the people closest to us?

When to give red flowers?

A red bouquet will be appropriate for any holiday. It can be gifted:

  1. on birthday;
  2. for an anniversary;
  3. on the anniversary of the wedding or dating;
  4. in honor of a professional holiday, etc.

Browse the color catalog of our Srez store. Here you will certainly find something that suits you and likes it!