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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Violet color.

11 roses memory lane
11 roses memory lane 50 cm. Ribbon 1m...
19 roses memory lane
19 roses memory lane 50 cm ribbon 1m..
29 roses memory lane
 29 roses memory lane 50 cm. Packing, ribbon 1m...
35 irises with herbs per pack
Bouquet of 35 blue irises with herbs in a package...
45 purple tulips
45 purple tulips in pack..
45 tulips
45 yellow-violet tulips 40 cm, ribbon 2m...
A bright surprise
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Kaleidoscope of Flowers
chrysanthemum 4, statica 2, alstroemeria 2 eucalyptus, packaging..
Spring feeling
Rose 3 pcs. Tulip 6 pcs. greens, packaging..
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Bouquet of purple flowers

It's no secret that each color in floristry has its own meaning. If both the donor and the recipient of the gift know about this, then you can learn a lot about the intentions of the person who gives flowers. Purple flowers also have their own meaning. They symbolize, first of all, friendship, sincerity and trust. A rich purple color indicates deep feelings. This color scheme is chosen by self-confident people who have managed to comprehend the harmony of the world.

Srez flower shop is ready to offer you purple bouquets in classic packaging, in a gift box or basket. We can also add balloons, toys, sweets to the bouquet. If necessary, you can leave us an order not only for the assembly of the bouquet, but also for its delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine.

What purple flowers are found in nature?

A purple bouquet of roses looks beautiful and elegant. But such varieties and colors for roses are artificially bred. In nature, you can find the following purple flowers:

  1. Violet. She looks very gentle. A small flower in a pot can be placed anywhere.
  2. Hyacinth. Its aroma will not leave anyone indifferent!
  3. Orchid. A bouquet of purple orchid flowers will please everyone. Such a composition will win the heart of any woman. The purple orchid is an exotic and simply gorgeous flower!
  4. Lilac. Blooming lilac bushes are a real decoration of any garden. Why not add such a flower to the bouquet? Easy!
  5. Crocuses. This is perhaps one of the first flowers that blooms in spring.
  6. Hellebore. It slightly resembles eustoma, and can easily decorate a floral arrangement.

Purple roses

In nature, you will not find a purple rose. It is the result of a long work of breeders. Numerous attempts at crossing and implanting the "pansies" gene into the rose made it possible to develop a new variety - purple flowers. Sometimes on their rich bud petals you can see lighter, pink or even lilac areas.

A bouquet of purple flowers from roses can mean love feelings, admiration, sincerity. The value is not only the color of the bud, but also its size. Half-opened buds are given to young girls, but fully opened ones are ideal for people of any age, for any celebration.

Bouquets of purple flowers from roses can be different:

  1. Contrasting. In them, the rich purple color of roses is combined with other, contrasting ones. Purple-white or purple-yellow compositions look interesting.
  2. From adjacent tones. In such bouquets, roses of rich purple and delicate pink, lilac, pastel shades are selected.
  3. Monochrome. Here flowers are selected in a single color - purple with a slight difference in the intensity of the shades.
  4. Rainbow. This is the name of bouquets that use flowers of the rainbow palette and among them, of course, purple colors.

If you or someone close to you loves everything original and non-standard, then a bouquet of purple roses or other flowers will suit you just perfect! You can order it on our website.