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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Lilac color.

51 roses memory lane
 51 roses memory lane 50 cm.packaging, ribbon 2m..
A bright surprise
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Kaleidoscope of Flowers
chrysanthemum 4, statica 2, alstroemeria 2 eucalyptus, packaging..
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Bouquets of lilac flowers

In floristic language, a flower of one color or another has its own meaning. Lilac flowers are no exception. Roses, tulips, gerberas, orchids, eustoma, etc. can have such a shade.

If you are looking for a lilac arrangement, then welcome to Srez flower shop! Our assortment will certainly please you, we always offer flowers only with a fresh cut, so that they will please you and your loved ones for a long time.

In the Srez store you can pick up an addition to a beautiful bouquet in the form of soft toys, sweets, balloons. We will be happy to deliver such a gift to the address you specify.

What do bouquets of lilac flowers mean and to whom can they be given?

In psychology, lilac is associated with affection and loyalty. If you received a lilac bouquet, then know that the person who gave it to you cherishes you. Here we can talk about both friendships and love relationships.

A beautiful bouquet of lilac flowers can be presented to your soulmate of absolutely any age. It is also suitable for very little princesses. The composition may contain different flowers:

  1. Eustoma. Suitable for beloved girl or woman, sister, girlfriend. Such a composition will certainly cheer up and give a lot of pleasant emotions.
  2. Rose. This is a universal flower that can be presented to every woman without exception.
  3. Chrysanthemums and gladioli. This is a great gift idea for a teacher or educator.
  4. Tulips. Such flowers are the perfect gift for a corporate holiday. They can also be ordered for International Women's Day.
  5. Orchid. A floral composition with lilac orchids is what is suitable for a leader. They can also be given to older women.

Lilac roses - sophistication and beauty

Bouquets of lilac flowers from roses seem to be the most non-standard. Most likely, few can boast that they received roses of this particular color. They symbolize various pleasant feelings - the first love, the charm of a person, the joy of meeting. Also, lilac roses can mean dreams and hopes, be a symbol of youth.

By giving lilac roses to an older person, you can show your appreciation and respect.

Lilac roses can be given:

  1. For girls at the first stages of dating, when voicing their feelings aloud may seem uncivilized. Delicate color, as well as possible, will convey your sincerity and purity of intentions.
  2. Business partners and executives. Since a bouquet of lilac flowers looks rather restrained, it can be an excellent present for a colleague or boss.
  3. To the girl on the day of painting. The bride has always symbolized purity and tenderness, with which lilac is associated in one way or another. It goes well with a white wedding dress, emphasizing its sophistication and luxury.

At Srez you can choose beautiful flowers for any occasion. You can also order lilac floral arrangements from us.