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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Orange color.

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Orange flowers

Flowers are beautiful, no matter what color they are. Every girl and woman will be happy with a beautiful, stylish bouquet, especially if it is selected individually for her. And in order to please your chosen one, girlfriend or mother, you just need to take a closer look and learn the language of flowers. If orange flowers captured your attention, we will tell you more about their symbolism and meaning.

Orange bouquet of flowers in floristry

Psychologists say that orange is the color of cheerfulness, warmth, fun and good mood. People who prefer objects of this shade are optimists and merry people in life, creative individuals. In floristry, orange is a warm color, sensual, sexy, and a bouquet of orange flowers inspires confidence in well-being, fun, and gives a festive mood.

In some countries, such a present literally means a declaration of love. With us, something similar can be said if you buy orange flowers - roses. In the language of floristry, this speaks of sincere hot feelings, the enthusiasm that a person experiences. Such a gift speaks not only of interest, feelings, but also of the pride that the recipient causes. But this applies only to roses, with the rest of the flowers a little differently.

Interestingly, bouquets of orange flowers do not have an age limit. It is appropriate to present them to a grandmother for her birthday, any other holiday, as well as to a girl and a young girl. But in order to really like the gift, you should carefully consider the choice of flowers so that they best suit the recipient, the event.

Orange tulips carry a romantic connotation, while expressing care, devotion, so they are perfect for mom, wife, sister, daughter.

Gerberas will delight women with their exquisite appearance, durability, and lightness.

Chrysanthemums of bright colors will warm with their warmth, give fun.

Astromeria orange is an excellent compliment to the chosen one, and since the flowers do not emit odors, they are often given as a gift for discharge from the hospital, the first year, etc.

A small spray rose of such a rich shade will suit a friend, colleague or sister for a name day or other holidays.

Orange callas are a rare flower, so it looks stylish, extravagant. Such a present can be made to an outstanding personality, presented to a boss or colleague.

The orchid will make a transparent hint of sympathy, which smoothly flows into real feelings. For a first date, this is a great option.

Increasingly, orange flowers can be found in the bride's bouquet. And this applies not only to themed weddings in the style of hippies, dudes, such a warm shade will suit any look, especially if you combine several of its tones.

Where to buy orange flowers in Kyiv?

Do you want to make a nice present for a colleague or girlfriend? Do you want to complement the gift with an original flower arrangement? Are you in a hurry for a first date? Contact Srez, we will help you solve any of these problems and even more. Our talented florists will create an orange bouquet of flowers individually for you, and if you wish, they will complement it with a soft toy, sweets or other nice gift. Delivery of the presentation will be completed at the agreed time!