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The catalog below presents bouquets in which Tulip is present.

35 tulips
 35 white-red tulips 40 cm per pack..
15 multicolored tulips
Tulip multicolor 15 pcs. packaging..
19 white tulips
White tulip 19 pcs. packaging...
21 red tulip
21 red tulip 40 cm with ribbon..
25 multicolored tulips
Tulip multicolor 25 pcs. packaging..
25 red tulips
25 red tulips in black packaging..
25 white tulips per pack
25 white tulips per pack..
35 multicolored tulips per pack
35 multicolored tulips per pack..
45 tulips
45 red tulips 40 cm, packing..
45 purple tulips
45 purple tulips in pack..
45 tulips
45 yellow-violet tulips 40 cm, ribbon 2m...
49 white tulips
White tulip 49 pcs. craft packaging...
Spring feeling
Rose 3 pcs. Tulip 6 pcs. greens, packaging..
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Bouquets of tulips

Tulips are amazing flowers, looking at which we remember spring, warm money, youth and freshness. They symbolize changes in life for the better, they are a symbol of a new era, from which only everything good and positive will come. Depending on the color, tulips can be given to loved ones, close people, and acquaintances, colleagues, partners. It is worth emphasizing that this flower is presented as a gift not only to women, but also to men, but in this case it is worthwhile to carefully approach the choice of color and shade.

What does a bouquet of tulips mean? Flower symbolism

This charming flower came to us from Ancient Persia in the 17th century, where it was a symbol of love and beauty. In those days, it was a rare plant, for which fortunes were given. After that, it began to be mass-produced in Europe, thus losing its exclusivity, but without losing its charm, the love of millions. Many pictures have been drawn from the tulip, it has been sung about in hundreds of songs, sings and poems, its shape has inspired many craftsmen and craftsmen to create unique things.

In the old days they said that happiness is hidden in every bud of this flower. Perhaps that is why tulip bouquets are synonymous with the words "well-being", "luck", "joy". They convey positive emotions, fill the house with spring mood and positive energy.

It is not for nothing that tulips bloom for the women's holiday - by March 8th. But this does not mean that they are available only in spring, and in summer, and in winter this spring flower can be found today, it just costs a little more out of season.

If we talk about the symbolism of a flower, then you definitely need to raise the topic of its colors. And today you can buy tulips in Kyiv in various tones, shades, and each of them symbolizes something different:

  • red - symbolize passion, violent emotions, love;
  • pink - indicate tender feelings, affectionate attitude;
  • white - they talk about tenderness, sincere feelings for the gifted;
  • yellow - despite stereotypes, are a wish for happiness, good mood;
  • purple - they talk about a person's attachment to the person being presented;
  • lilac - indicate friendship, affection, warmth.

It turns out that you can give purple, lilac, yellow buds to extraordinary, mysterious persons, bright orange flowers to partners, and it is appropriate to take a pale pink bouquet of tulips for a first date. This flower is universal, it can be given for any reason and without it, to completely different persons.

How to care for a bouquet of tulips?

Unfortunately, the tulip is not a very persistent flower, but with proper care and temperature, the freshness of the plant, they can stand from 3 to 7 days. The main rule for their preservation is cool, fresh water. Renew the water regularly, you can 2 times a day, toss ice cubes into the vase. It is also recommended to shorten the stem by 1 cm once a day.

If you need to store your tulip bouquets for a few days before handing them, place them in the refrigerator wrapped in newspaper. It is worth saving them in the lower part, which is intended for vegetables, at a temperature of about 5 ° C. Just exclude the proximity of fruits, vegetables with flowers.

Do not know which is better to buy a bouquet of tulips? Lost in choosing a color or packaging? Ask for help from professional florists of the Srez salon. They will prompt and help you with the design, select a beautiful flower arrangement individually for your needs and requirements.

Delivery of tulips from the Srez company is carried out as soon as possible to the address you specified. Give your loved ones happiness and joy, together with us.