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The catalog below presents bouquets in which Lisianthus is present.

"Pink Luxury"
Rose 23, bush rose 10, eustoma 5, packaging..
15 white eustomas
Eustoma white 15 pcs. packing, satin ribbon 1m..
19 lisianthus
 19 white-purple lisianthus in pack. tape 1m...
Bouquet from Florist Oksana
White lily 3 pcs. rose pink 5 pcs. peony bush rose 7 pcs. chrysanthemum light green 3 pcs. eustoma white 3 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. p..
Color palette
Rose multicolor 31 pcs. multicolored bush rose 7 pcs. eustoma white 9 pcs. statice 5 pcs. greens 5 pcs. packaging...
Fabulous tenderness
box, carnation 3, chrysanthemum 4 bush rose 3, eucalyptus..
Gerbera pink 1 pc. peach rose 5 pcs. white spray rose 2 pcs. alstroemeria white 3 pcs. eustoma pink 2 pcs. eucalyptus 2 pcs. packa..
Miss Charm
3 gerberas, 1 eustoma, 2 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums, 1 gypsophila, packing...
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Bouquets of eustoma

Eustoma (or Lisianthus, Irish rose) is a unique combination of tenderness, simplicity with elegance and grace. This flower is the personification of pure, open feelings, platonic love. Compositions with eustoma are given to close and dear people, as well as friends, colleagues, employees, because in the language of flowers they symbolize respect and friendship, loyalty and admiration.

Eustoma flowers - a symbol of tenderness and beauty

This flower appeared relatively recently in the world, in the middle of the 19th century, and spread throughout the world in the 30s of the 20th century. Eustoma flowers are of Central American origin and have many names, which indicates a different interpretation of the plant in different peoples. For some, it is a symbol of purity, tenderness, love, while for others it is a talisman against adversity, a wish for a long and joyful life. In any case, the Irish rose is a versatile flower with positive energy that is suitable for various occasions and events.

Many people want to buy eustoma, since the flower is very similar to a rose, but its long graceful stem (from 30 to 70 cm) does not contain thorns. The flower looks attractive in mono-bouquets and in combination with other plants, for example, with a rose, peony, orchid, irises, tulips, etc. At the same time, you do not need to limit yourself to classic bouquets, because such flower arrangements look great in hat boxes of various shapes, baskets.

Interestingly, at first Lisianthus was only blue, but many years of selection have led to the fact that today we can enjoy a wide variety of colors and shades. In Kyiv, you will find white, pink, lavender, purple, beige, lemon and even red eustoma bouquets. The diversity of the shape, quantity, quality of the petals on the bud is also pleasing, because they can be terry, wavy and even, two-color and one-color.

To whom to give bouquets of eustoma?

The natural tenderness of the flower has led to the fact that it is associated with romantic events, important events. That is why most often a bouquet of eustoma is given to:

  • birthday;
  • date or engagement;
  • family holiday, memorial day;
  • for a wedding or wedding;
  • March 8;
  • September 1.

Increasingly, eustoma began to be used in bridal bouquets, and there is an explanation for this. Firstly, this flower is very persistent, it is able to retain its freshness, attractiveness throughout the day. And, secondly, a delicate flower goes well with others in the composition, bringing grace to it. In addition, white lisianthus personifies innocence, purity, reverence.

Florists claim that a bouquet with eustoma will suit attractive young women and straightforward, simple people. He will be highly appreciated by creative, impressionable natures, as well as charismatic personalities. There are many reasons and persons who can buy a flower arrangement with eustoma. The main thing is your desire and the right florist, who is able to translate his plans into reality.

To ensure that your wishes are taken into account, and the flower arrangement pleases the addressee, please contact our professional florists. In the Srez flower shop, fresh selected flowers are always waiting for you, ready to go to you in the near future!