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The catalog below presents bouquets in which lily is present.

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3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack
3 lilies in pack..
7 lilies
7 lilies, ribbon 1m...
Bouquet from Florist Oksana
White lily 3 pcs. rose pink 5 pcs. peony bush rose 7 pcs. chrysanthemum light green 3 pcs. eustoma white 3 pcs. eucalyptus 1 pc. p..
Quivering love
7 red roses, 5 white lilies, ribbon 1m...
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Bouquet of lilies - perfect beauty

Delicate and beautiful lily is deservedly considered one of the most perfect, exquisite flowers. The incomparable aroma and luxurious large inflorescences, sophisticated geometry and perfect shapes have made the lily beloved by many. In addition, the bouquet is able to stand and delight with its impeccable appearance for a long time. They present a lily to their beloved girls, mothers, girlfriends, because the flower carries a message about sincerity of feelings, purity of thoughts.

The sophistication of flower arrangements with lilies

Due to their versatility, lily bouquets can be both romantic and solemn. The most common occasions for such a gift are weddings, birthdays or dates. A wide variety of sizes and color palette contributes to the fact that this flower does not bother.

The lily is of ancient origin. In the East, it was a symbol of freedom, resurrection. In the Middle Ages, it was placed in the heraldic signs of the ruling families, exalting the flower in this way. Greece endowed a bouquet of lilies with the personification of motherhood, the birth of life. In the modern world, it is the flower of the Virgin Mary, the embodiment of purity, innocence, and tenderness.

The nobility, refinement of the lily were sung in a multitude of sings, poems, and songs. They present such a bouquet to their mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and even a colleague. He conveys a special manifestation of emotions with his sophisticated look, charm. Such a present speaks of faith, sincerity, promise, passion.

It is easy to convey your intentions and feelings with a lily, because in this way you express:

  • attention, significance;
  • respect, gratitude;
  • special attitude to the gifted;
  • emphasize the dignity of the person receiving the lily;
  • appreciation.

Such a gift can be perfect for a first date, but also suitable for the birthday of a spouse, mother or sister. The number of stems in a bouquet carries a certain message. For example, three flowers - faith, hope and love, five - admiration for the beauty of the chosen one, seven - a declaration of love or marriage proposal. And nine lilies - respect, admiration.

This is a perfect composition in every sense. In addition to the amazing aroma, lilies have a wide range of shades. A persistent, durable flower is distinguished by tenderness, fragility of the petals and core. They are able to bring aesthetic pleasure to everyone.

How to choose a bouquet with lilies for a gift?

Geometric lines, ideal shape, pure natural beauty - these are the main advantages of the lily. The inflorescences are so unique that everyone can see something special in them. Choosing majestic lily bouquets for a gift, you can express a compliment to the best qualities of a person, confess your love to your soul mate. All this makes them that rare look that is appropriate for any event. It is only desirable to make a composition individually for each person.

Today, there is no problem to choose a different decor when decorating a lily bouquet, so all kinds of options are provided for your choice.

  1. Basket - perfect for an anniversary, remote gift for a birthday, a memorable event. In addition, a card with sincere wishes can be attached.
  2. A square box divided into sections for sweets and flowers is an original gift idea for women. Not a single girl, woman will remain indifferent.
  3. White or pink lilies in a heart box will amaze the chosen one in the heart. Better than a thousand words.
  4. Bouquet with lilies in craft paper, with ribbons - quite inexpensive, but very stylish, tasteful.

A bouquet of lilies can be supplemented with chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, dahlias, callas. But the monobouquet will look very impressive.

On the website of the Srez floristic salon, you have the opportunity to choose compositions of exquisite buds of various shades that will change the mood, add a fresh touch to the holiday. Choosing and buying lilies in Kyiv is very simple, because our florists will take care of your gift - they will take into account your wishes, select the required color, shade - bright, colorful, calm or delicate. The aesthetic completion of the ensemble is the original stylistic design.

We will be happy to help win the heart of a lady, emphasizing her charm, femininity with a luxurious bouquet of lilies. And to make the surprise really stunning, order delivery at the time and place you need.