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The catalog below presents bouquets of flowers, in which there are flowers of Blue color.

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Bouquets of blue flowers

For many people, blue flowers seem to be something unusual and very original. If you decide to give a floral arrangement of just this color, you can be sure that it will certainly be appreciated and remembered.

You can buy a bouquet of blue flowers inexpensively in the Srez online store. Our florists will be happy to assemble a classic composition for you either in a box or a basket. If desired, it can be supplemented with sweets, balloons, toys, etc. We also offer delivery of flower gifts in Kyiv and Ukraine.

What are blue flowers?

If many have heard of blue roses, then, for example, blue gerberas or chrysanthemums may seem like a real curiosity. In fact, it is. These flowers cannot have the specified color in nature. If you saw them somewhere in flower shops, then know that they are bred artificially.

In nature, blue flowers can be: forget-me-nots, morning glory, lotuses, orchids, hydrangeas, asters, petunias, cornflowers, bluebells.

What can bouquets of blue flowers mean?

Whatever flowers you choose for the blue composition, it will certainly have a certain meaning. So, bouquets of blue flowers can mean:

  • Serenity and tranquility. This value is typical in principle for the color blue. The same applies to such flowers. The composition of this color adds harmony, helps to cope with stress.
  • Hope. Blue also means hope that things will get better. A blue bouquet of flowers is a wonderful gift for those who don't know which path to take right now. This applies to both work and personal life.
  • Pleasant dreams. Some believe that the color blue helps good dreams come true.
  • Inspiration. The floral arrangement of blue color will certainly give inspiration. This is especially true for creative individuals.
  • Secret. Blue is associated with the dark time of the day, which, as well as possible, is suitable for telling a secret.
  • Marriage. Some nations have a tradition of giving the bride something blue for her wedding. Why not give her a bouquet of blue flowers? This is a great idea. For wedding bouquets, not only flowers that have a blue color from nature, but also dyed by florists, can be used.

What do the different blue flowers mean?

  1. Roses. Blue roses can symbolize a declaration of love. By the way, it is believed that it is customary to give a blue bouquet of roses to those girls and women whom they want to marry. Often, at the moment when a man makes an offer, he orders a flower arrangement from such flowers in order to impress his lady even more.
  2. Chrysanthemums. They look beautiful and gentle at the same time. Such flowers can be presented to your soulmate, and relatives or friends. They are also great for anniversary celebrations.
  3. Tulips. These are flowers that have been dyed artificially. They can mean devotion and loyalty. A blue tulip flower arrangement can evoke a huge range of feelings because it looks very original.

Turning to our florists for a blue bouquet, you can be sure that you will receive fresh flowers that will delight your loved one for a long time.