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The catalog below presents bouquets in which Iris is present.

35 irises with herbs per pack
Bouquet of 35 blue irises with herbs in a package...
3 roses, 1 chrysanthemum, 3 alstroemerias, 4 irises, greenery, packing...
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Irises are often added to spring flower arrangements. They "refresh" the bouquet, add colors to it and make it even more original. Do you want to buy irises in Kyiv? Then welcome to our Srez flower shop! We always offer only fresh flowers that will delight you and your loved ones for a long time. You can order a bouquet of irises from us with fast and careful delivery not only in Kyiv, but also in Ukraine. And our professional florists will help you choose flowers and not only for the most beautiful composition.

What is the meaning of a bouquet of irises in different countries

Did you know that the iris, which is considered an unpretentious and modest flower, has many different meanings, as well as names. For example, in Kievan Rus they were called "cockerels", and in Europe they were even confused with lilies.

The name of the flower appeared in the days of Ancient Greece. Then Hippocrates named it in honor of the goddess Irida. Myths tell that she descended to earth along a rainbow in order to tell about the will of Heaven. And flowers decorated her clothes. For this reason, iris flowers in a bouquet were associated with good news and a connection between the heavenly and earthly worlds.

In Japan, the iris is considered a male flower. According to the Japanese, an elongated iris leaf looks like a samurai sword. That is why the plant in this country symbolizes the strong spirit of the samurai, courage and honor. By the way, in Japan there is even an Iris Day. It is celebrated on May 5th. This day is also called Boys' Day. As a gift, it is customary for them to present amulets in the form of an iris. And also a bath with irises in Japan is considered a healing and rejuvenating procedure.

Irises and symbolism

If you decide to give someone a bouquet of irises, pay attention to their color. After all, the interpretation of the meaning of a flower depends on the color of the bud.

  1. Purple means spirituality, respect for man, knowledge.
  2. White is innocence and purity. It is believed that a sprig of white iris at the head of a crib will help keep the baby's soul innocent and pure for a long time.
  3. Blue is for brave and courageous people.
  4. Yellow - expresses admiration.

What bouquets with irises can be ordered in our store

Employees of the Srez flower shop will be happy to assemble a bouquet for you:

  • from a different number of colors;
  • only with irises or in combination with other flowers;
  • in gift paper or in a floristic box;
  • with additional greenery or with satin ribbons and other decorative elements.

Why is it worth contacting us?

When ordering bouquets with irises in our online store, you can count on:

  • a large selection of fresh flowers;
  • affordable prices and several payment methods to choose from;
  • consulting florists about the meaning of a particular flower and assistance with choosing a bouquet;
  • timely delivery of the bouquet to the specified address;
  • the opportunity to order related products for the composition: vases, sweets, toys, etc.

Are you interested in our offer? Then quickly contact the managers of the Srez store and order a beautiful bouquet with delivery. Our bouquet will give you a good mood and pleasant emotions. We don't doubt it!